A Hardware Thing: ROCCAT Kova

Complete name: Roccat Kova Pure Performance 2016
 10/12 (if you count Scroll Up and Scroll Down as buttons) – 18/22 with EasyShift[+]™ 
DPI: 3500 – 7000 with software emulation
LED: 16 colors – Mouse Wheel and Rear “Pipe” can have separate colors
Application Profiles: 5 applications per Profile and a total of 5 Profiles
Weight: 132g

Thank you very much to whomever it was who bought me this mouse from my own personal Amazon wishlist! I’d gladly link it here but since Studio 2.0 and Box of Business 3.0 are still underway, you really should check out the LGC Wishlist proper.

The 2016 version of the Kova mouse from Roccat is actually a bastardized version between the Kova[+] and the Kone Pure. The result was an ambidextrous mouse with enough buttons and customization possibilities to make KDE feel inadequate. Of course the hardware is only ever as good as the software which supports it, a lesson AMD’s graphics division took a really long time to learn. Software support for Roccat devices in general comes in the form of an open sauce tool, developed and maintained by Stefan Achatz. Even though he’s given up on adding support for newer peripherals, the ones which are supported do still work very well and, should you find a bug with a supported device, I’m almost sure he could be persuaded to fix it.

Downloads:Ubuntu PPA • Fedora COPR • Arch AUR •

After setting up the PPA/COPR or enabling the AUR, make sure to install libgaminggear and roccat-tools on Ubuntu, roccat on Fedora or roccat-tools-kova2016 in ARCH. Once the packages are installed, add yourself (and whichever users on your system you want to be able to use the mouse) to the roccat group, reboot and if needed unplug and re-plug the mouse back in.

That’s it! You now have a total of 110 possible buttons, actions or combos in a single mouse for your Linuxes. Kinda neat!


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