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Kernel 4.15 has arrived! NVIDIA releases a busted driver, Chrome silences annoying websites and the Italian military embraces open source. All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro



    • Now I wait for NVIDIA drivers.
  • “Also, it is worth pointing out that it’s not like we’re “done” with spectre/meltdown. There is more work pending (arm, spectre-v1, misc details), and perhaps equally importantly, to actually get the biggest fix for the indirect branch mitigations, you need not just the kernel updates, you need to have a compiler with support for the “retpoline” indirect branch model.” -Linus”
  • Hey, VEGA support.
  • The only thing I found doesn’t work is the displaylink driver, if you’re using a USB 3 dock for pushing monitor output.
  • The driver won’t build against kernel 4.15 because of some Direct Rendering Manager issues, not being fed the right arguments.
  • That will need an update.




Polish the Chrome

  • Mitigations in version 64 of Chrome to the V8 JavaScript engine protect against speculative side-channel attacks.
  • improved pop-up blocker
  • New sitewide audio muting setting (ZDnet filter)


Mozilla handles snakes

  • They’re also giving over $70’000 to the rust-av project, which aims to implement libav in rust.
  • In 2017 MOZ invested $1,650,000 in supporting open source projects around the globe.
  • In this quarter, under the Secure Open Source arm of MOSS, expanded the scope of the program by funding development of secure code projects.
  • Applications for “Foundational Technology” and “Mission Partners” remain open, with the next batch deadline being the end of January 2018.


Take it where you can get it

    • the Italian military have switched over 8000 PC workstations to LibreOffice.
    • LibreItalia, an an open source advocacy group based out of Italy, is helping Italian Military in this massive endeavour.
  • “the main motives for the switch include interoperability and long-term accessibility of documents and information. The military are standardising on the Open Document Format (ODF) and are urging its users to use free fonts.”
  • The military is also contemplating the use of Linux for their desktop workstation
  • Portugal is still running DOS.


We’re shocked! not really

    • To the surprise of absolutely noone.
  • “Recoverability from Shell crashes is less dramatic under Xorg.”
    • It’s not like a shell crash under Wayland will take down the entire sessi… wait.
  • The fact that they mention PipeWire gives me hope that Canocial will not reinvent the wheel.
  • The Wayland session will still be available, pre-installed, and mostly useless until NVIDIA pulls a Summer.



  • A simple handy guide that will help you understand why that $200 laptop was running ChromeOS in the first place.
  • 5. Like playing games? sudo apt install steam
    • yourgoingtohaveabadtime.jpg


Open suggestions

  • Sorry, I can’t let you watch that Dave.



  • Getting proper support for Wacom devices, all of them, is a sure fire way to get professional or hobbyist artists looking at Linux and Linux hardware instead of MacOS.



  • I think it was Penny who was looking for a guide to RAID on the Linux.
  • HAR!

Slice of Pi

Cramming pie


Cheap kit

  • If you want to pose as a maker on the cheap.
  • It is really nice to have all the kit in one place if you just want to make one and be done /w it.



  • Are you using TuneIn?
  • I checked the feed and it’s working with TuneIn.
  • Our audio feed pases iTunes validation so it should work with anything.
  • I use Line-In +tablet for the kitchen Sonos.



  • The internet is desperate for drama.
  • That said, I had no idea that Shrout Research was a thing.

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