LWDW 360: Orange PiNAS 2023

Shoving Xubuntu onto a single CD, ripping Cd audio the right way, DIY Orange Pi NAS, and returning to KDE after an extended break.


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00:00 Intro
00:28 Power Rangers reunion
01:04 4K streaming
08:05 Shoving Xubuntu onto a single CD
19:20 Accurate audio CD ripping
28:06 Revisiting KDE
45:00 Orange Pi NAS

Xubuntu Minimal (RTheren)



  • The lightweight Ubuntu distro Xubuntu with the XFCE desktop manager, will offer an official ‘Minimal’ image starting with Xubuntu 23.04 that is scheduled for release at the end of April.
  • This minimal image will be small enough to fit on a CD-ROM.
  • Sean Davis, the Xubuntu Technical Lead states:
  • “With Xubuntu Minimal (previously Xubuntu Core), our goal is to ship a slimmed down version of Xubuntu: the “core” desktop environment, and nothing else. It’s well-tested and expands on our mission to provide a light, stable, and configurable desktop environment. You get the Xubuntu look and feel with a solid foundation to build your own experience.”
  • It’s an expansion of the Xubuntu Core effort started back in 2015, but this one will be official. 
  • Xubuntu Minimal will be made available as a separate download.
  • It will still use the Ubiquity installer and won’t require an active internet connection to complete installation.
  • The Xubuntu team has a lot of work to do to get it to fit in a 700MB CD image.
  • Thank you RTheren for posting this news.
  • Getting everything on a single CD is a bit of a task. 
  • You might be tempted to bring up bloat but remember, RH 5.2 was two CDs. 
  • Have fun trying to look that fact up on Google.  
  • It’s not something you think about in the day of netinstall and gigabit internet connections.


Accurate Audio CD Ripping

  • Whipper is a CD ripping utility focusing on accuracy over speed.
  • Whipper runs in CLI.
  • And, oh yes, it does look similar to morituri of which whipper is a fork of, and I have used before many moons ago . . . 
  • You can think of this as a Linux version of Exact Audio Copy (EAC) for Windows.
  • Because some of you rip CDs as a hobby. 
  • Why do you need accurate CD ripping? Sounds like audiophile speak, doesn’t it? 
  • LeoPanthera on HN explained it like this. 
  • Unlike DVDs, CDs don’t have sector information. They’re just a long continuous spiral of bits, so there is no easy way to tell exactly where on the spiral the head is pointing.
  • To compensate for this, data CDs include intermittent data on the spiral that says “you are here”, but audio CDs don’t do this.
  • This is why it rips the CD in overlapping chunks and compared the overlaps. 
  • In 2022, ripping CDs is like ripping records. 
  • You do it for the experience or you like the “retro” audio quality. 
  • 44100 with 16-bits of dynamic range. 




  • What’s it like going back to KDE after some time off. 
  • Like, a really long time off. 
  • That’s what our pal Jack decided to do and oh boy, he documented his experience. 
  • He lets us know about the kood, the kad, and the kgly. 
  • Kwin customisation and multi monitor support are praised along with theming and Kate. 
  • Even GNOME diehards know about Kate. 
  • Then we get into the Krashes. 
  • Issues with sleep and screen locking. 
  • These are always interesting for me to read since by all accounts I was a KDE zealot until 4.0. 
  • That was 15 years ago and it caused me to rethink what I needed in a desktop. 
  • Like Venn, I used KDE a lot pre 4.0.
  • But in the last few years it has really improved, a lot of bugs have been cleaned up, and it is one of the most beautiful desktop managers.

Slice of Pi

Orange Pi NAS


  • Starting to see build guides for non-pie SBCs.
  • Building an Orange Pi NAS that really looks like a NAS/Network Attached Storage device for less than 60 USD.
  • The developer, tobychui, a university student from Hong Kong, had these design goals:
    • Small footprint, try to utilize every inch of space inside the device as possible
    • Low cost, try to use low cost components and achieve the best performance out of the device
    • High compatibility, it should be works with parts that can be purchased all around the globe
    • Low dependencies, it should be with minimal dependencies of a single manufacturer
    • Acceptable speed, it should be able to playback 1080p video for 1 – 2 people with up/down speed of at least 100Mbps
  • Supplies:
    • SATA to USB2.0 Adapter
    • Orange Pi Zero (Or any SBC that can fit inside this case, including Raspberry pi 4, Orange Pi Zero 2 etc)
    • Custom Power Management PCB
  • This has a beautiful looking case!
  • It even has a separate stl 3D model of the backplate template that can be modified depending on the SBC that you use.
  • And tobychui also developed his own Linux distro for the NAS called ArozOS.
  • ArozOS is a web desktop web operating system that provides you full-fledged desktop experience within your browser.

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