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Intel done goofed, Chrome OS 64 adds parallel tasks, MVP travels to Vulkan and System76 accepts Bitcoin? All this plus your emails!

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro


Why does this exist?

  • Just run Wordperfect like a normal person.
  • “SoftMaker Office could be a first-class professional-strength replacement for Microsoft Office on the Linux desktop.”
    • That is a completely pointless sentence and it means nothing.
  • $70 for the base license, that’s a bit steep.
  • Fully compatible or 100% guaranteed compatible?
  • Alright, I downloaded the free beta and it wants a registration key.
  • Yeah, I think I will stick with the literal dozens of free non DRM encumbered alternatives.


ChromeOS multitasks

  • Multiple Android apps running in parallel is a big plus for Chrome OS.
  • As if I didn’t want a Chromebook bad enough already!
  • Awww, it’s like ChromeOS is trying to become a real boy.
  • You will finally be able to take advantage of your Chromebooks hardware.
  • Unless you got one of those $200 short-bus ones for XMAS.
  • Yeah, whoever bought you that doesn’t love you.


APK from CLI

  • This is real handy if you have your own F-droid server.
  • The main goal was to be able to run this script with a cronjob, in order to automatically update an F-Droid server instance.


Now with Vulkan support

  • Don’t know why you would need a Vulkan output but i’m glad we got it.
  • From my testing MPV seems to be the only player able to play 720p videos on my T42 at the actual video framerate.
  • Bringing Vulkan support seems geared to make it more appealing to people on high end hardware as well as the low end.



  • I honestly cannot recommend OpenShot 2.X series to anyone at this point.
  • It’s still a hot crashy mess and that makes me sad.
  • Linux needs a simple, easy to use My First Video Editor and OpenShot 1.X really fit that bill.
  • 2.X wants to be somewhere between Windows movie maker and KDENlive.
  • A niche that simply does not exists.
  • Plans for 2018 include Stability, UI Improvements, additional effects, and 32-bit Windows Builds.


No root for you

  • Remember when VLC did this?
  • Outside of ARRRCH users, who does this really effect?
  • Like most people I found myself installing gedit and geany to do my root text editing.


Https is now a thing

  • Easy to forget that at the beginning of 2017 you didn’t expect EVERY webzone to support https.
  • Now, as 2017 comes to a close, an average of 66% of page loads on Firefox are encrypted, and Chrome shows even higher numbers.
  • Let’s Encrypt’s total issuance volume has exceeded 177 million certificates.
  • With both Chrome and Firefox putting exclamation marks and red strikes above the left corner of the URL bar if your site doesn’t do https, a lot of people decided to take LetsEncrypt up on their free certificates.



  • This is some FSM damn interesting stuff.
  • Potential Intel Hardware bug could result in 30-35% performance hit when fixed.
  • “AMD processors are not subject to the types of attacks that the kernel page table isolation feature protects against”
    • Intel tried to cripple all X86 processors but the dude from AMD told him their products weren’t vulnerable.
    • ^ From a PMTS Software Engineer at AMD.
  • Kernel 4.14.11 is out with patches for Intel cpu mem leak.
  • Seems the problem lies in Intel’s implementation of branch prediction.
  • These haven’t been a good few months for Intel.
  • First AMD releases a competitive CPU, then Coffee Lake rumors of it being just a more expensive Kaby Lake, the management engine issue, now loss of performance to fix a security bug.
  • And it’s not just Linux, this seemingly affects every operating system which uses any type of memory predictions between processes and the kernel.  


This is just neat

  • I look forward to running it in a browser exactly once, saying “neat” and never touching it again.
  • You mean the one Steve Jobs lifted wholesale from Xerox?
    • In all fairness Xerox was just sitting on it with no plans for development.

Slice of Pi

Boxes of Pi

  • I might pick up a few of those Pi for dummies for my local nonprofit.
  • PiTop looks neat… but that price don’t.
  • The retro gaming kit seems to have far too agreeable a price for this sorta thing.


Edge Pi

  • 2x GbE ports and 2x USB 3.0 ports because REASONS!
  • Single core 64-bit Cortex-A @ 1W.


Grandpa Linux 


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