LWDW: Raptor Bus Proof

Barcelona gets penguins, KDENLive uses all the threads,  Solus demands Discord and YouTube does a thing. All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Jordan


Raptor bus proof

  • Is there only the one mirror for the lkml archives?
  • That seems… odd.


Solus wants Discord

  • Not locking people out of a glorified browser window would be a good thing to have.
  • Then again, you could just login to Discord on your browser proper and work around the issue until the repo version updates to match upstream.


Lose one gain another

  • It was always the one thing they pointed at was the lack of support and maintenance of Limux.
  • Going for Ubuntu and just setting your restrictions/rules seems like a much more sensible alternative.
  • And leaves you open to the possibility of giving Canonical money and having them fix your screw ups.


Cut your render times in half (video incoming)

  • Careful with how many threads you launch, almost took down Tipsy Danger.
  • Not going to see a big performance gain with 4/8 thread systems.


Core boots

  • Coreboot is the open source, but not libre, firmware alternative for laptops and basically anything with an EFI or UEFI type system.
  • The latest version comes with support for a lot of new hardware.
  • Chief among which is the support for a bunch of Intel chipsets, which opens up coreboot to run on Chromebooks and several other laptops.
  • There’s even support for the Stoney Ridge AMD chipset (think Excavator series APUs).


Don’t drink the

  • Neat but no thank you.
  • GPU support?
  • Plugin support?
  • Support support?


What is my purpose

  • Us dihard Thunderbird users know it’s a dying product.
  • Not Thunderbird itself but the whole idea / need for a standalone mail client.
  • No amount of UX redesign is going to revive the dwindling need for such a client.
  • What it will do is anger and confuse the existing user base that have a legitimate need for the product.
  • You could update the spellcheck to include words from the 20th century.
  • The UI redesign is probably a good thing if you’re using thunderbird in a corporate environment and you want users to not feel like they’re using software from the 90s.
  • It will still be software from the 90s, but it will at least not look it.


Remember that time DS9 lost internet access?

Slice of Pi

Head Pi

  • Zero WH available to purchase.
  • Zero + header.
  • GPIO all the things.
  • This is a good idea!
  • People who are worried about the footprint can still get the zero W and keep the smaller form factor.
  • I say they can get the Zero W, if it’s not completely sold out everywhere.



  • Alright this is neat and all but does he explain the WHY anywhere in the blog?
  • I mean, if you like challenging yourself not to lose things.



  • This was a TIL since the Tubes never said a word to us.

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