LWDW: KDE Curious

Linus talks AMD, Ubuntu 18.04 enters beta, Amarok likes Brainz and building your own UPS for fun and profit. All this, plus your emails!

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Linus on AMD

  • “yes, it looks more like stock manipulation than a security advisory to me. -Linus
      • I think that has been the general takeaway.
  • “Finally, because we’ve seen the conspiracy theories, we have asked Intel if the company has any comment on this whole thing. Intel responded to GamersNexus with a statement:”
  • “Intel had no involvement in the CTS Labs security advisory.” – Intel statement to GamersNexus
  • Exploits require elevated administrator access, with MasterKey going as far as a BIOS reflash.
  • Is ryzen 2000 that much of a threat?


LTS Beta

  • 18.04 MATE works pretty good.
  • Alright, what is the purpose of all these “spins” in 2018?
  • On that note, where is the stock image?


Simple mode

  • A proper queue that lets you keep adding stuff to install, instead of locking you out of whole thing while it does something, is certainly a very good idea.
  • One which is long overdue, if we ever want to bring that mass appeal to Linux.
  • “Responsive UI”
    • Nice.
  • Ability to “stack” operations
    • Neat.
  • Dynamic backend support
    • Giggty


The horror

  • If you like the OSX look, this will get you there.
  • If, for some reason, you liked the Unity DE, this will scratch that itch.
  • Global menus both anger and confuse me.
  • Yeah, I joke about other things doing that but they genuinely do.
  • Need to install some extra bits for Libreoffice, GIMP, and Inkscape.


Speaking of horror

  • I like me some complicated, buggy, and downright experimental, desktop environments *cough*Plasma*cough*
  • But if I’m going to have to futz with the config files and basically set the session up from scratch by hand. Openbox+XFCE4 panel+Compton is still my go to.
  • XKCD #963
  • Sorry kids, I’m old and ever more frightening… busy.
  • My days of futzing /w Desktop config files ended with Afterstep.


Remember me?

  • Adding musicbrainz no longer crashes it
  • Amarok always looked a little too much like iTunes for my taste.
  • And it always used about as much RAM as iTunes, too.
  • 20+ bug fixes from 18 contributors.
  • Qt 5 port is progressing nicely in the kf5 branch.


Speaking of classics

  • I started using pidgin again on the X230 work laptop.
  • With the sipe plugin it can do video/voice calls to/from Skype for Business.
  • I tried using Pidgin again when Google noped hangouts from G+.
  • It was serviceable but the integration (if you could call it that) was janky.
  • It also works with Discord… join our Discord!
  • Yearly bugfix release.


Hold my beer

  • This is no fun!
  • They’re actually going at this documentation/collaboration first.
  • Instead of bullheadedly zapping themselves unconscious and doing things the best way.
  • He wants the UPS to provide text-based alarm messages (rather than flashing lamps), and to provide decent monitoring information over USB.
  • Others have joined the project:
    • Eric Baskin is leading hardware engineering for Upside,
    • Jay Maynard is developing firmware,
    • Jeremy Mitts is copy-editing the documents
  • And they plan on using lithium iron phosphate batteriBLAM!!11!.


IP cam

  • I knew this was a thing but didn’t know it was so wicked-easy.
  • Slap on a USB MIC and we could do live remotes.



  • It’s nice that they now allow everyone to see what’s under the hood.
  • That said, I would wager most people listening to this show use privacy Badger from the EFF.


Flicker free

  • Occasional?
  • Does it sort the DP timeout from resume?
  • Blank login screen /w XFCE?
  • Am I the only one who wants an automagic build utility for the *.run packages?
    • You know, for Ubuntu.

Slice of Pi

New Pi

  • Besides the hardware improvements you expect, it now supports pxe network booting
    • Network imaging all the things!
  • Improved compatibility for network booting
  • New support for Power over Ethernet
  • Processor speed has increased from 1.2Ghz on Pi 3 to 1.4Ghz
  • New dual band wireless LAN chip, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz with embedded antenna
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
  • Faster onboard Ethernet, up to 300mbps speed
  • The Gigabit Ethernet is a nice upgrade.
  • However, the storage and network share the same bus. So you will not get full Gigabit speed.
  • Almost hits 6W under load so you better order a Hyper 212.




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