LinuxGameCast Weekly 282: Prison Curious

Tripwire comes clean about the Killing Floor 2 port. Net64+ gets a Linux beta, zombie Desura is back online and NVIDIA teases their BFGD. All this plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Atomic

Steam News:

Show me the numbers

  • Everybody in china just seems to really be into PUBG.
  • Also, I never realized the chinese launchers are basically gimped steam clients. I guess it just makes sense
  • And here I didn’t even know this was a nontroversy.

The flood continues

  • Open market means lots of entries
  • We’ll see how valve’s efforts to curate all of this content will go.
    • I got a fiver on skynet
  • The quantity of games being released does it make it a bit difficult to decide which visual novel I should play next.

Blue VIVEs

  • Getting face-fkd by a Smurf is the new hotness.
    • And that’s a half-hour of my life I just spent Googling “face-fucked by a smurf”. Good times.
    • Suck it James Cameron
  • At least this will drop the price of the original.
    • They’d have to seriously undercut occulus at this point
  • Built in headphones, a focus on AR stuff and a wireless kit. Breaking news, gen 2 shit has more features
  • I wonder if it’ll ship with the new controllers

Killing Port 2

  • I’m going to give them just the slightest bit of credit because THEY BROKE RADIO SILENCE.
  • Holy sweet hell do other devels need to learn a thing or seventeen about communication.
  • Surprise surprise. Doubling down on Direct X means reduced supported platforms
  • And I really wanted to play this, as KF1 was so much fun. WHAR VULKAN?!
    • Aboot six billion miles from anything that rhymes with UE3.

Blinky Hammers

  • Fixes flashing textures when using the Vulkan render path on Nvidia 384.x

Talos boost

  • Still waiting on the fusion update, Brad.
  • Didn’t notice any performance gains on the box of business.
  • Bye bye directX


  • They sent us two keys,
  • It’s seizuretastic!
  • Also made in Gamemaker studio. You may have some controller bugs. Or be locked at 30fps
  • I love me some seizuretastic. The 30fps lock might kill me, though.


  • Maybe someone in shatrealm can confirm if these guys fixed the performance issues

Crossing the mouse

  • You can now play with your friends you “bought” the DRM free version.
  • The rest of the patch is just rebalancing all the units. I still have no idea what any of it means

I, strand alone

  • Well, that looks like a hot pile of meh…
  • I can just smell the cringe from here

Punk chronicles

  • I was onboard with this game, until I witnessed the “English” via the trailer. NOPE!


  • Anyone elks getting a bit tired of the “we’re bringing back old skool multiplay” shtick?
  • Give me something new.


Size matters

  • I’ll take 3. #ShutUpAndTakeMyMonies
  • High refresh rates really can’t be understated. Especially as display size and closeness increase. My 32” UHD monitor suffers greatly from 60hz
  • BFGD? Nice.
  • ACER, ASUS and HP will be making these critters.
  • Do it for $700 or less and you have my monies.
  • You sweet summer children. If you expect this to come in at under 1K you’re smoking the good kush.
    • Who’s expecting anything to come in at under 3k? I fully expect to have to re-mortgage my house to buy these.

Desuras back, back again

  • That would require me to remember my login… I don’t.
  • I wonder, did they just go to the Devs Bad Juju screwed over and said “sorry bruh, I don’t have your money”?
    • I’m willing to bet that was settled during the acquisition.

Welp one more time! (foxy)

  • I heard about this game from the goblins animated kickstarter
  • Good on them for having a linux version
  • Another store, yay?


  • High-resolution sprites
  • 11 new maps
  • GZDoom’s latest new engine features
  • Wazzat? Story driven OG Wolf.

Public magma

  • Suck it Loki Games!
  • First Loki title I owned.
  • Didn’t like the game but played the shite out of it.
  • Remember getting excited when the GL patch finally came out.

Full time GODOT

  • If they can hit 7500 on patreon they can afford to hire a third guy full time
  • I say show them some support anyways. High quality open source creation tools are sorely needed these days

Platformer + RPG hybrid (rtheren)

  • Needs udev for some bizarre reason


  • Every time I see this site I have some serious early 2000s web design ptsd


  • Multi64 retro livestream jank goodness incoming.
  • We will never stream the goodness because Nintendo are DICKS.

Nice list

  • Handy if you wanna check if one of your old favourites got a linuxy overhaul

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Escapists 2
Webzone: The Escapists 2
Devel: Team17 Digital Ltd , Mouldy Toof Studios
Engine: Unity
Price: $19.99
Wazzat: Craft, Steal, Brawl and Escape! It’s time to bust out of the toughest prisons in the world as you return to the life of an inmate in The Escapists 2, now with multiplayer!

Mandatory Disclosure: Keys, we were sent them.

Makes with the working


  • Maintains a solid 70+ @ UHD.
  • Then again, it should.



  • It works. Even with shadows on, it runs over 100 ferps at UHD, on a 1050Ti.
  • It doesn’t work on my Inspiron 11, though, it just runs out of RAM.
    • The game launches to the menu, but trying to get into a game brings on the OOM.
    • Not dinging it a chair because they did say 4GB of RAM.


Shiny / Sounds


  • That’s some next-level hipster-pixel animation.
  • I mean, hell.. I rather enjoyed looking at the damn thing.
  • Heavy SNES influence.
  • Ended up Slayering the audio after the initial tutorial.



  • I like hipster pixels done right, and this is right up my alley.
  • And I like soundtracks that don’t force me to mute them, and I immediately forget about when I quit the game.




  • I gave it the Areola Controlla challenge and it passed with flaming colours OOTB.
  • Everything logically mapped and 100% sitback experience.


  • Definitely has some issues with the ds4 steam controller
  • WASD works. It’s a little weird though,


  • I didn’t even realize it had controller support, it just made sense to use the K&M.
  • Which was easy to wrap my brain meats around.




  • This falls into the “if I had more time” category of business.
  • It’s a hipster-pixel top-down open world’ish in a closed environment.
  • Crafting, MEH!
  • Fetch Quest, the game.
  • Then again I do like any game that gives me multiple ways to sort a problem and Escapist 2 delivers.
  • Desert island game 100%.


  • It’s just OK
  • It’s an interesting challenge, do the work required to stage a prison break
  • However, most of this game seems to be grinding the routine to avoid suspicion, and grinding for the shit you need to escape
  • I guess it’s an OK fuck around simulator, but it’s not really doing much for me


  • I was going to give it 1 chair for the FUN, BUT I figured something out that isn’t documented anywhere that I could find.
  • When you go on a quest and someone says “here take this THIS and give it to X”, and you can’t find THIS in your inventory to give to X, then you need to go and find THIS with the little clue-piece icon on the map, which is usually in the quest-giver’s desk.
  • I spent a good hour not figuring that one out.



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