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BleachBit hits 2.0! Kali Linux embraces Microsoft, open source YouTube apps and busted NVIDIA drivers. All this, plus your emails!

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro


Ze goggles

  • That list of fixes reads a lot like a list of reasons not to use bleachbit.
  • Use BleachBit to:
  • Free disk space
  • Reduce the size of backups and the time to create them by removing unnecessary files
  • Maintain privacy
  • Improve system performance (by vacuuming the Firefox database, for example)
  • Prepare whole disk images for compression (common for “ghost” backups and virtual machines) by wiping free disk space
  • So, this is like some type of cache cleaning software with file shredding?


(He)X Chat

  • What’s the issue here?
  • Is this guy worried about security or just the name?



  • We talked about MATE 1.20 last week, this week we talk about the official Ubuntu flavour which will sport it out the box.
  • New features and applet fixes.
  • Minimal install option, if you want to Fedora the crap out of some Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu MATE images for the Raspberry Pi around the time 18.04.1 is released, which should be sometime in June.
  • I will take the Mate 2018 challenge at some point.
  • So, many, emojis.


Linux Scratch Tickets

  • For those of you who consider Gentoo a little too mainstream.
  • It’s LFS, and they only updated 34 packages from last time.
  • That sounds low until you go “Oh, yeah! 34 packages is about all of them from the default ‘install’.”


Central Apps

  • I just wanted to give this a plug.
  • A Crowd-sourced central AppImage directory is a neat idea but this implementation needs some work.
    • Search function wouldn’t go amiss.
  • Also, I can’t help but feel like missed an opportunity to release this as an Electron app in an AppImage.


Linux 5

  • Breaking: Linux kinda Just Works TM on laptops in 2018.
  • Also, author does not know how to avoid the Windows tax.



  • Electron nope, NEXT!
  • Protip: Create a throwaway account and use that.


Still no fix

  • 5 pages and nothing but radio silence.
  • Suspend bug can take down your system.
  • Chrome runs like junk.
  • Strange flickering on secondary displays.
  • Likes to reset Displayport (this happens after the monitor enters sleep)
  • Stuck on 4.14.X until things get sorted.


Strange times, these.

  • Great, now L33t hax0rs can install babbys first pentest distro from the Windows store.


Because AMD

  • These are for those of you who didn’t buy the first gen.
  • Not really all that appealing from an upgrade viewpoint.


Slice of Pi

\m/ Pi

  • I don’t have heart to tell him ¼ to Blueteeth adapters exists and are wicked-cheap.
  • Granted this allows for effects and such.
  • This is a good example of learning 3 or 4 news things on the road to figuring out 1 thing.


Make me a Pi sammich

  • Bobby drop tables.
  • Now, if you can get this to do foreign languages you might have something.


Stealth Pi

  • It just had to have wifi, didn’t it.
  • There is no error handling if something goes wrong, the whole chain can be blocked.



  • Adventures of Freso appears to have taken up the position as the L.G.C. Scribe… of business.

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