LWDW 114: Gentrified My Aldi

Git turns 10! Ubuntu 18.04 enables live patching, ReactOS gets useful and encrypting DNS for fun and profit.


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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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GitHub Turns 10!

  • More than 80’000’000 projects.
  • Over 100 million pull requests merged.
  • 2.9 trillion lines of code submitted in 2017 alone.
  • Microsoft ditched CodePlex to Git full time.
  • You want to talk about coding environments and repo hosting, Github is the default.
  • Linus Torvalds is one of the most influential people in the world who transformed technology twice with Linux and Git. Github is the social network where Git Repositories and version control are stored and shared.
  • That, that really looks like an E-cig on the page.



  • Time for a good car analogy.
  • I remember the Java installer on Windows advertising it worked in your car.
  • Nowadays, that thought fills me with dread.
  • And yes, here is another mission critical industry that we don’t have to worry about Microsoft’s “Blue Screen of Death.”
  • The Automotive Linux Summit put on by The Linux Foundation will be taking place again in Tokyo, Japan this June and has been taking place annually since 2011.


Mini Chromebook

  • This is like gluing a keyboard to a tablet and calling it a Chromebook.
  • I’m not sure the blackberry comparison applies here since this is clearly trying to be a pocket sized laptop, not a phone with a full keyboard.
  • But, this will probably have the same appeal.
  • Until people realize how terribad the keyboard is and end up getting something else.



  • It’s not Java the OS.
  • Fuchsia is NOT Linux but is Open Source and uses a mix of software licenses, including BSD 3 clause, MIT, and Apache 2.0.
  • Google trying the Apple tactic of throwing something into the ocean and seeing if it floats.


Live patch

  • You no longer have to use the terminal to run live patching, but can do it directly through “The Software and Updates” utility.
    • The what update utility?
    • People use that?
    • Then again it’s Ubuntu so it ships with eleventy ways to update software.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise for the last few years has been at the forefront of innovation in live kernel patching, and it is wonderful that Ubuntu now is innovating in this area and making it easier to install in the 18.04 LTS release.
  • I appreciate the reboot when there’s a kernel update.
  • But yes, from a server point of view, uptime is king.



  • Uses to do the encrypted domain name lookup.
  • The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the phonebook of the internet.
  • DNS over HTTPS is much slower than traditional DNS.
  • This can be used to block those inaccurate linux user surveys we talked about last week:  https://goo.gl/8STf6w



  • Still not what you’d call usable, but their goal has expanded to include the NT6+ operating systems like Windows 7 and 10.
  • Some games were having issues with the drivers, but they sorted some of them and create a logging system which dumps a crash file on the desktop when something poofs.
  • The “always worth a try” OS for anyone needing to support old apps and want to avoid the MS tax.


Gnome connect

  • Annoying notification on your GNOME desktops.
  • Browse and send files wirelessly from your Android phone to your Gnome linux desktop using the Nautilus file browser or Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers.
  • Someone finally made something to keep people who don’t want the Kitchen sink but want KDE Connect on their Linux.



  • Integrates a video codec (VP8) and a network transport protocol together, which can improve the speed and quality of streaming video which results in fewer dropped frames and less packet loss.
  • Salsify should revolutionize the way we view video online, with it’s almost “Bare Metal” approach to using software.
  • No audio?
  • The real take here is not some fancy new moon-codec, nay.
  • It’s a new way of handling the network connection between clients.
  • VP8 can be multiplexed into the Matroska-based container format WebM along with Vorbis and Opus audio.  But “Yes!” there is no mention of audio with this project.
  • This is being developed by researchers at Stanford U.
  • I’m sure we’ll see the usual suspects implement this in their proprietary products, but it’s good to know the background is split from the Microsofts, Apples and Googles of the world.



  • The Mastadon of video ladies and gentlemen.
  • Though this isn’t a bad idea, when someone decides to implement monetization schemes it will show its ugly head.
  • That is, if it gets any sort of traction… unlike Mastodon.
  • I see this being adopted by all the wrong people.


This was not a thing?

  • Bwahahahahahahahahahaha
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahah
  • That is all, as you were.


IoT w/ M$ Linux

  • The last few years Microsoft has been itching to be in the embedded and IoT space.
    • Windows 10 IoT Core for the RasPi did not lead to much adoption.
    • And there have been many talks at the last few years of Linux Conferences, including SCaLE, Linux Foundation OSSummit etc. where Microsoft employees talk about installing and using Azure on the Raspi etc for various projects.
  • Microsoft had to role its own linux distro Azure Sphere OS to stay viable in the IoT space and continue to use their name recognition.
  • This is yet another example that Linux has won the war!
  • And Microsoft is scrambling to do whatever it takes to stay relevant in this space.  Unleash the penguins :-D Microsoft can’t penetrate or change the GNU because it is protected!

Slice of Pi

Google Pi

  • Wow, the real story here is that the Raspberry Pi has made it to Target! \:-D/


Polar Pi

  • TSA acceptance factor: Hipster






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