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Ubuntu 18.04 metrics, PulseAudio Bluetooth improvements, Pwning Firefox and certified NUC’s. All this, plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Ubuntu Metrics

  • 53.8% nuke and pave:
    • This percentage is probably high because of people coming back to Ubuntu because of Gnome now being the default WM.
    • Virtual Machine installs.
    • The 18.04.1 update release isn’t scheduled till July 26th.
  • It doesn’t surprise me that most Linux users in the survey use 4 Gigs of Ram, because of how memory efficient Linux is.  And you would never see 1 GB of Ram with a modern Windows install.
    • I think a lot of those 4GB installs are Butter Robots.
    • E.g. I’m about to built a test NUC and it’s only getting the bare minimum needed to pass the butter.
  • 2/3rds of all installs opted in.
  • I always disable the download of updates during the install but enable the media codecs.
  • 1 CPU means actual CPU, not cores.
    • In 2018, this seems like an odd decision.
  • Metrics are a wee off, there should be at least one entry showing 5 monitors.


NUC Certs

  • Canonical has made a certified Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image just for the 7th Gen Nuc.
  • That is a first, and will aid device manufacturer’s and their developers to a smoother path to the development and deployment of IoT devices.
  • Now we can put “Ubuntu Certified” case badges on our Nucs instead of “Windows Certified”!
  • For the mainstream, these are small form factor PC’s for driving a TV or monitor without the need for extra space.
  • For the “enthusiast”, these are toys and Linux is the perfect toy OS.
  • Just ask Google how their Linux based “toy” laptops are doing for them.


Pulse 12.0

  • A2DP and Bluetooth, the update.
    • Better latency reporting.
      • Will this get rid of the slight cut off which introduces the desync?
    • HSP support for more bluetooth headsets.
    • A2DP bluetooth profile by default instead of HSP
      • Freakin’ finally!
  • Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 speaker jack support.


Walls of Fire

  • Iptables for beginners.
  • If you have a raspi or something with dual NICs, ClearOS is a pretty good choice.
  • Even my limited experience with it, it let’s you do a lot of stuff without too big a hassle.
  • Didn’t know about IPFire
  • I have used IPFire on a RasPi, and is a great firewall distro for beginners, and has a nice web interface.
  • You can also get several of these distros, including IPFire and ClearOS pre installed on hardware blade servers and routers.
  • Smoothwall Express is best for compatibility with older hardware, and is what IPFire and IPCop are forked from.
  • I have used the powerful pfSense on my routers in recent years, but used to use DD-WRT (which is not mentioned in this article) on all my previous routers.
  • Alright, I gotta be that guy.
  • As someone who has been tinkering with firewalls (because Jötunheim) list fails without UFW.


Fire Pwned

  • This is good for the oblivious people in your family.
  • Ask them that if they have to register a new account for a website, they do it through the Fox.
  • It’ll scream and bellow if they try to use a compromised password.
  • To have https://haveibeenpwned.com integrated as a password checker for 1Password and included in Firefox, goes a long way to making Firefox one of the most secure web browsers available.  Mozilla’s dedication to security is top notch.
  • Ironically, my email address was pwned back in 2015 when Patreon got hacked!  I had just created an account for Patreon to become an LGC Patron ;-D
  • I have used two factor auth whenever possible since, and change my passwords every 6 months.
  • Also, I still use an encrypted floppy disk to store my account usernames and passwords.  Having lots of vintage computers makes this possible.
  • This new addition to Firefox might finally tip me over the edge to using a password manager.


Gitlab updates

  • As we have talked about before, it is because of GitLab’s use of software containers, and now deploying them on Kubernetes, that AutoDevOp software testing and management can even exist.
    • Auto DevOps covers the end-to-end lifecycle: Simply commit your code to GitLab, then Auto DevOps does the rest: building, testing, code quality scanning, security scanning, license scanning, packaging, performance testing, deploying, and monitoring your application.
  • GitLab is a great example of a company that is progressing Open Source software, during the midst of a great upheaval in the Open Source community.
  • GitLab’s move off Azure to Google cloud totally unrelated to Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition.
  • Nope, no sir! They just wanted some of that Kubernetes goodness.
  • Pssst! Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) went to general availability earlier in June.



  • What’s with this sudden return to sanity?
    • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Instead of putting it in a Hamburger Menu, lets just go back completely to using classic Gnome Application Menus please!  Like almost every other WM, Mate and Xfce . . .
  • At least they realized nobody was adopting it and decided not to double down.



  • Developers Stability developers stability developers stability!
  • Easily Configurable.
  • The display settings works great with multi-monitor and shares nicely with nvidia-settings manager.
  • Lightweight, RodentiaOS.  Look and feel of Sun CDE.
  • Having something with a “traditional” desktop and with support for everything MATE can have, without as big a reliance on GTK3 is probably not a bad option for lower spec systems.
    • 4.14 would like a word /w you.


Android Messages

  • It is nice to have a desktop app for this instead of running a tab in a web browser.
  • And, yes, you guessed it, it is another Electron app!

Slice of Pi


  • Does it blow bubbles of questionable political zealotry?
  • #LGCcares
  • Needs hydrogen.






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