LWDW 129: Kaleidoscope Nightmare

Bionic Beaver gains a point, India’s first RISC-V based chip boots Linux, Krita tangos with Microsoft and Vim gets ported to WebAssembly.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro Jill

The Wait is Over

  • Now you can upgrade from 14.04 and 16.04 LTS without worrying because all the bugs have been worked out since the April release of 18.04 LTS.
  • Most of the work here is for kernel level hardware support, upgrade fixes, and and gang of GNOME desktop bits.
  • Upgraded to 18.04.1 on a VM and on the T42 install of Lubuntu.
  • And if you’re new to this and already running 18.04 don’t worry, you already have .1.



  • Government and businesses have finally realized that open hardware, just like open software, can lead to a quicker turnover rate and reduce development time and costs.
  • The creator of my beloved Chumby, bunnie Huang, is linked in the article because he was ahead of his time in creating open source hardware solutions on a budget.
  • $35m wet stinkies is a lot of cash.



  • It’s still early days but it’s good seeing upstarts getting their feet wet.
  • This is the advantage of open hardware.
  • Places like India with low per capita earnings but booming in terms of technology adoption can make an open architecture establish itself.
  • Granted, it’s going to be pretty hard to break out of one such country and into the mainstream.
  • Still I think, if it makes a big enough splash, it can get someone with some spare monies to invest to bring it over.
  • Its a low power 400MHz prototype.
  • And it booted with Linux on the first try!



  • Enable secure boot? Seriously?
  • Something about telling Microsoft about my boot habits doesn’t really gel with the idea of security in my mind.
  • “Prevent execution of binary files from the home partition”
    • ‘Ey?
  • Sandboxing and only allowing Snaps to install from the Ubuntu Snap store?
    • We have talked about standardization on LWDW before and the detrimental effects it has on open source.
    • Although this is government, so I expect nothing less.
    • A malicious package was found in the Ubuntu Snap Store last May, so no, this may not always be the most secure way to install a Snap.
  • These are recommendations and guidance by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and not a set of mandatory instructions.
  • Disable networking and hot glue the USB holes, problem solved.


XPS Linux, as it should

  • I still want one of these with the 1080p Matte screen.


Stable Linux… on Linux

  • Might as well start paying attention since Googs is making it clear ChromeOS, not android is the future for anything over 7”.
  • No GPU acceleration for crostini apps, yet.
  • According to the XDA predictions it won’t be ready by the time it hits stable.
  • It’ll also be up to OEMs to validate this before Chromebooks, like mine, support these Linux apps. Regardless of whether it is in the stable channel or not.
  • Google wants to containerize all the things, so the future of Chromebooks is the ability to cloud sync and backup a virtual machine from Google Drive.


Browser VIM (SteveO)

  • Up next, Visual Studio.  
  • Far easier to Electron, now.
  • Having a self contained Vim editor in a browser is nice and beats having to boot a full Linux distro in a browser just to use Vim.



  • DebConf18 presentation videos are making their way to the tubes.
  • I enjoy watching these videos every year, and keeping up to date with the world of Debian and Linux.


Mozilla Open Design

  • For me, as an artist, I prefer the System 2 Firefox icon and general-purpose browser Icon set, because they are crisper, have a nice use of negative space, and read better at a distance.
  • Also, the System 1 Firefox icon looks very similar to the GitLab icon.
  • For the singularly focused browser icons I prefer System 1, because they are harmonious in color and design with the System 2 Firefox icon and general-purpose browser icons.
  • Which icons do you like better?  Mozilla wants your feedback. Comment in the blog post below . . .
  • The GIMPshoop on that t-shirt is bad.
  • As a Venn I have already replaced the icon with something monochrome and flat.


MS Krita

  • Microsoft <3 Linux.
  • So… Why is Microsoft so desperate to get people off the store?
  • I get that they want the exclusivity. If you take gaming console mentality, exclusivity drives sales.
  • But I don’t think bullying people on a dead platform will work so well in the long run.
  • Though, idealism aside, the Krita dev did cave in and removed the mention because he needs the money.
  • I want someone with money and a good lawyer to take Microsoft to court over their EULAs.
  • I find it ironic that Microsoft asked Krita to put there app in the Microsoft Store in the first place because it was bare and didn’t contain quality content!


MS DaaaaaS

  • Most of us sniffed this out years ago but if it’s not crystal clear to you by now Microsoft is transitioning into a services company.
  • Microsoft Managed Desktop is, “desktop as a service.” It will provide customers the ability to lease a Windows 10 device and have the operating system kept up-to-date for a single monthly fee.
  • And don’t think seeing Ubuntu Desktop as a service is entirely out of the question.
  • Microsoft is going the way of Adobe’s Creative Cloud . . .
  • Yes, I see a disturbance in the force, and our penguin army is growing :-D

Slice of Pi


  • Installing Kali on a RasPi gains you, like, 20 hacker points.
  • You could just install Metasploit on Raspbian, but that would take all the fun out of it!
  • Kali comes pre-loaded with all the pentesting tools you would ever need.



  • One giant areola to control a synthesiser.
  • I would love to be able to use this with my hearing impaired students so they could learn how to edit sound with their animations and understand how a sound wave works.
    • I have a teaching technique and demonstration I use with them but this would be far superior!


DAWPi (from Nehemiah “nemo” Dacres)

  • When you want to spend more on a interface than the PC it runs on.



  • Ayup, CC BY-SA.
  • Basically you can do what ye will with our stuff but only if your work is released under the same license.

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