This week your intrepid heroes click on folders, hunt for clues, and get reminded why the FMV genre died in the first place.

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Game: Daemon_9
Webzone: Daemon_9
Devel: Curio Productions
Engine: Chromium Embedded Framework
Price: £7.19 / US$ 9.99 / CA$11.49

Wazzat: Morgan Shane has disappeared, leaving a bloody trail of mayhem in her wake. But is she a monster or a victim of something far more sinister than the authorities are imagining? And the biggest question of all: Can you unravel the mystery before the same dark force that targeted Morgan finds you?

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent keys


Does It Launch

  • It launches, on the wrong monitor.
  • If left on the non-primary display it locks HARD when attempting to launch the game tips page.
  • Has a habit of not closing and only recorded my playtime from the first launch.

Performance @ 1080

  • Works.


  • Ever seen T.V. show DesktopOS? That.


  • Click click click… wait.
  • Can’t right-click to copy pasta?


Does It Launch

  • Yerpo. It’s chrome
  • Don’t shut down properly though

Performance @ 1080

  • It’s a bunch of gifs and videos. In chrome


  • Very much a napkin drawing of “a desktop”
  • The websites are kinda all over the place
  • The FMV segments remind me of old streamed quicktime videos


  • Clickety clack, tippity tap


Does It Launch

  • It has a nasty habit of leaving a “daemon” of sorts running in the background
  • I don’t care about your ARG elements, you leave zombie processes doing who knows what running on my system, you’re going to lose a chair.

Performance @ 1080

  • It certainly performs like you’d expect a haunted desktop to perform


  • Those are some pixely ass overlays you get
  • Fullscreen on the UHD made the game render only the top left quarter


  • There’s some mouse clicking and, if you’re really advanced, some typing

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • 7, 7 is the number of external websites this glorified art project requires to function.
    • Your game is made using Chromium FFS.
    • When (and there is and always will be a when) these sites go dark your game is busted.
    • Bad design choice, Brad.
    • That said, good choice shooting everything on a Canon VIXIA.
    • Planning on picking up one myself.
    • Daemon_9 it’s not a movie.. it’s not a game.. it’s something that belongs in portfolio of a year two film student, not the Steam Store.
    • Ya see, kids, the only way you can pull off a FMV in 2018 is to be over the top camp.
    • Mock why the genera was bad, not try and reproduce it.
    • Honestly during the first 5 minutes of the game I was not sure if serious.
    • Unfortunately it quickly became obvious Curio Productions chose the latter.
    • Ladies and gentlemen if the CHAIRAQSITION, I tried… I really really tried but the only thing here is a collect the clues adventure game that occasionally fuc*s with your display and forces you to dig around external websites (you really should mention the game requires online connectivity) and copypasta.
    • It’s not lazy, it’s not shovelware, it’s simply not fun.
    • I’ve seen Windows ME Desktops more frightening than Daemon_9.
  • Jordan
    • This desktop looks a lot like really old Nautilus
    • It trips me up. My keyboard shortcuts don’t work and I mad
    • They give you a bunch of tools, some clues, and you gotta crawl through all of them, draw conclusions and poke at the game and corresponding websites
    • I used to be pretty in to ARGs, but I was never really good at them
    • This is kinda of a single player, limited scope ARG where you gotta solve the mystery about the thingy haunting your computer
    • Because apparently there is a link between binary code and the paranormal, because we live in shadowrun
    • I keep feeling I need to go full Charlie
  • Pedro
    • I don’t like detective games on the best of days.
    • I don’t like ARGs on the best of days.
    • I play video games for the experience they provide and, while the atmosphere here is certainly well done, I had to force myself to go through the links the game opened on my actual Chrome window.
    • When Her Story came out, I was actually curious.
    • Not curious enough to play it but certainly to watch a decent playthrough on Youtube.
    • But the difference between Daemon_9 and Her Story go far beyond the poorly pixelated tit shots.
    • Her Story was a self contained experience where everything you needed was in game.
    • Here, the moment the dev stops paying for those URLs, the game becomes infeasible.
    • If you’re playing outside the US, the spooky phone calls don’t work unless you sign up for an online US phone number.
    • As much as I like the horror elements here, these games take a special kind of person to enjoy… and I’m not that kind of guy!

Fun Score:



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