LWDW 172: The Theme Is GNOME

Github introduces sponsors! Dstat comes to an end, Ubuntu ships nVidia proprietary drivers, and the Antergos community enters their next stage.

04:38 NVIDIA drivers shipping with Ubuntu
08:21 Archiving ask Fedora
11:42 Antergos Endeavour
15:09 Dstat comes to an end
19:28 Stop theming GNOME apps
23:41 Github announces sponsors
27:31 Logitech backs OBS
30:38 CPU Prompt
32:44 Fixing Chrome search
39:49 Pi Server
41:55 Pi powered stomp box
46:05 Listener emails


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

NVIDIA drivers shipping with Ubuntu

  • Can we please stop pretending the open source drivers are useful for anything other than running the installer?
  • Also helpful for non internet connected devices.
  • Finally!
  • With Ubuntu doing it, I hope other distros will knock on NVidia’s door to ask if they can do the same.
  • With the success of Pop!_OS doing it via a dedicated NVidia proprietary driver ISO this makes sense.
  • This is a feature I have been wanting for a long time and takes Linux even more to being the best plug n play OS out there.


Archiving ask Fedora

  • Yeah, this is a good thing since 90% of google queries redirect to page not found.
  • Would be nice to see something to the level of the Arch Wiki but for Fedora.
  • Unfortunately, Fedora has never really been a “friendly” distro/community.
  • So that’s never going to happen.
  • Case in point, 502 Bad Gateway for the link above :-(
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/bsefs9/submitted_26_500_qas_from_ask_fedora_to_the/
    • The Internet Archive is a great choice.


Antergos Endeavour

  • I’m not going to break out into Frozen’s Let it Go here, since I really don’t know enough about the community of Antergos.
  • I will say, holding on to that idea of a community and making a “continuation” distro from it is something I’ve experienced myself.
  • And it didn’t go… anywhere, really.
  • So temper your expectations.
  • I was so happy to hear that the spirit of the Antergos project will continue on in a new distro codenamed Endeavour.
  • The new team is going to first move the community to a new forum because the original forum will be taken off line in 3 months.
  • They are looking for people from the community to join in who know code, and who want to help by maintaining the news and article feed as a blogger or vlogger.
  • They plan to start a YouTube video log in the future.  


Dstat comes to an end

  • Pcp-dstat on Fedora.
  • If it is as he says and Red Hat did take his stuff and called it something similar, yeah I’d be a bit pissed too.
  • Of course, Red Hat spun the story a bit differently: https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/implementing-dstat-performance-co-pilot
    • It wasn’t exactly being actively maintained.
  • Seemingly, that gap in commits between November 2016 and January 2019 was enough for them to call it dead.
  • Dstat is many Linux users swiss army knife tool for monitoring system performance, benchmarking and troubleshooting and I have been using it for years.
  • Red Hat I am sure will and should give the developer of Dstat, Dag Wieers credit where credit is due.
  • And as Pedro found out, maybe there just needed to be more communication between Dag Wieers and Red Hat regarding Dstat and the gap in commits which suggested the project not being active.


Stop theming GNOME apps

  • If a theme changes the UX someone should get booped on the nose.
  • Themes breaking applications or cluttering your logs with errors has been part and parcel of the GTK world since I can remember.
  • I like what Mathieu Comandon developer of Lutris said on Twitter that there needs to be better and “clear documentation for what is themeable and what is not”, rather than to discourage theming completely.
  • There really needs to be a unified GTK theme API, not a set of hard to use and hack CSS Stylesheets.
  • I love and want to keep the theming and uniqueness of Pop!_OS, Linux Mint , Ubuntu etc. and both theme creators and app developers need better guidelines for theming and its errors herin.


Github announces sponsors

  • Adopting a Patreon like model.
  • What surprised me here is that they’re not taking a cut from these.
  • For the first year they are even converting payment processing.
  • This is a good way to get people who noped to at least give the hub a second look.
  • Granted, someone will have to eat the fees and it won’t be GitSoft, but they’re not directly profiting from it.
  • This is an ingenious way to keep developers on GitHub and get paid.
  • All you need is a GitHub account and you can sponsor anyone with a sponsored developer profile through a recurring monthly payment.
  • This is a lot nicer than winning a limited edition t shirt for GitHub’s annual Hacktoberfest.


Logitech Money

  • $50K wet stinky cashes!
  • Awesome, Logitech is now a Diamond sponsor of the Open Broadcaster Software project on Open Collective.
  • On the heels of the XSplit software and GamesDoneQuick who are Gold Tier sponsors.
  • Definitely makes sense for Logitech, who have been in the communications devices space for years!  How many of us are using Logitech C920 webcams? ;-D
  • In February, we talked about Open Collective as a way to support OBS development, and it’s like Patreon but for companies.


CPU Bash

  • Yup, it gives you the CPU load on your bash prompt.
  • 1337 h4x0r
  • CPU load monitors increase load, just saying.



  • Genuinely thought I had done something to mess up Chrome.
  • Nope, just a feature.
  • At least it’s not Firefox, where it defaults to converting whatever you wrote to a broken URL rather than either of these two options.
  • Same here Venn, thought it was broke or one of my plugins messed it up.  I kept getting LWDW show notes listings from GDrive in my address bar when I typed “L.”

Slice of Pi

Pi server

  • If you want more of the looks without compromising on functionality, you’re gonna have to put a bit more work into your Pi server.
  • The NODE Mini Server V2 is out and is a great do it yourself Raspberry Pi based server that you can use for decentralized web applications and as a NAS.
  • It has a Raspberry Pi 3, a 2.5 inch hard drive, and other components inside a tiny 3D-printed case.
  • It is beautifully put together, and the faceplates on the top and bottom also function as a heatsink, which will extend its life.


Pi powered stomp box






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