LWDW 179: Evil Gnome

EvilGnome watches you type, Blender gets a fancy UI, Kali Linux comes to the Raspberry Pi 4, and Fedora unplugs Snap.

05:32 Evil GNOME
09:30 DELL XPS Linux issues
14:10 Ubuntu learns to Nvidia
18:13 Fedora Snap
23:03 What is SilverBlue?
26:48 Fedora Prime
29:45 EndeavourOS
31:41 Teleport
36:02 Blender 2.80
40:30 Epic Blender grant
48:15 Kali Linux for Pi 4
50:32 Hot Pi 4’s


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

Evil GNOME (Mike G)

  • Ah, Gnome extensions. 
  • Is there anything they can’t do?
  • I got a real simple fix for this one.

XPS Linux issues 

  • If Dell support refuse to support you, nuke the default install and set up your preferred distro on your own.
  • It sucks that you spent a load of money and now you have no support, but welcome to the world!


Ubuntu learns to Nvidia

  • Now everyone can experience the mind-melting 700K download speed. 
  • Yeah!  Now the Latest Nvidia Graphics Drivers can be installed directly in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using the Software & Updates Additional Drivers menu!
  • No more need to install a PPA or download the Nvidia driver manually from the Nvidia website.
  • Wonderful! We talked about this in May and Alan Pope, Popey has been talking about Ubuntu doing this for quite some time now.
  • System76’s Pop!_OS did this by offering their Nvidia drivers ISO, and now the rest of the distros will fall suite.
  • Only took… how many years? 
  • How many articles, saying Linux is terrible because even the “user friendly” distro made the poor authors of those articles crack open a terminal window?


Fedora Thanos Snap 

  • Fedora is not a fan of testing in production.
  • That, and they are not a fan of Snap packages getting updated behind gnome-software’s back.
  • Gnome had a brief conversation about dropping snaps from gnome-software.
  • Something they plan to revisit in a few months.  
  • Fedora users can still install Snaps via the command line as long as the core snapd package remains available.
  • Also, a new “Snap Store by Canonical” is in the works, and Fedora users will be able to install Snaps from there.
  • “Sandboxing is still not working”… is that just on Fedora or in general?
  • Even on the couple of Ubuntu laptops I have, sudo apt purge snap* is one of the first commands to get run.
  • Honestly, kudos to Fedora for at least giving snaps a chance.
  • But clearly, they’re not up to snuff.


What is SilverBlue

  • Going to be honest, the silverblue webzone does an incredibly poor job explaining this. 
  • Short story: Flatpak, the distro. 
  • Like Intel’s Clear Linux.
  • The Fedora desktop OS that containerises all the things.
  • If you’re doing “atomic updates” and using mostly containers, why do you need major OS updates?
  • If any time a core bit of the software changes, you already need to reboot (like ChromeOS) to the new image, why have a “traditional” release model?


NVIDIA tools

  • If you don’t want to use bumblebee and want the ability to power down the dedicated GPU without having to do it yourself, this tool makes the job slightly easier.
  • It’s still not as easy or out of the box as what you get in Ubuntu MATE, but it’s progress.


Effortless file sharing 

  • Is this better than sftp?
  • Because right now it’s sftp:// from Thunar to any box on the network. 
  • Teleport reminds me a bit of the old days of sharing files between PCs via a single ethernet or USB cable, except a modern version using notifications.
  • In the future Teleport will be able to send multiple files and folders and have native Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps.
  • Oh, file pushing… 
  • I see the appeal of not having to run FTP servers on all your boxes, or having to setup nfs.
  • But as it stands, even sshfs is more useful in the way it lets you send or fetch multiple files at once.


First EndeavourOS

  • Wow, that was fast, considering in May we talked about the spirit of the Antergos project will continue on in a new distro called Endeavour.
  • The call from the Linux and Antergos community for support came thru!
  • Good. Now it remains to be seen what they’ll do to get it to stay relevant.


Blender 2.80

  • RIP Blender game engine. 
  • The UI is so much cleaner, intuitive even. 
  • RIP every tutorial made in the last decade. 
  • We have been following the incredible progress of the Blender 2.80 Beta, and now the last step to the final release of Blender 2.80 is upon us with the Blender 2.80 Release Candidate!
  • First off, the user interface has major changes which keep Blender inline with the workflow of propriety animation software.
    • Left click to select, interactive object gizmos and separate workspaces for modeling, animating, sculpting, texture painting etc.
  • EEVEE is a new physically based real time renderer. It works both as a renderer for final frames, and as the engine driving Blender’s realtime viewport for creating assets.
  • The 2D Animation Grease Pencil has now been fully integrated with the 3D workflow, and this puts Blender way ahead of any proprietary software in the industry.
  • Raytracing render engine Cycles now renders 30% faster and lets you combine GPU and CPU rendering!  This is a first in the industry!
  • Yes, OpenCL GPU rendering times have greatly improved which will help make OpenCL GPUs a much more compelling option.
  • I did some test renders on my new AMD RX 580.


Mega Blender 

  • “Open tools, libraries and platforms are critical to the future of the digital content ecosystem,” 
  • Said Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games.
  • The Unreal Engine benefits from Blender via open source animation and rendering plugins and 3D modeling assets just like all the major 3D animation software and game engine apps do.
  • In fact, it’s this open source interoperability of Blender and its progressive framework, that has helped make it the future of the 3D animation industry.
  • The Academy Software Foundation knows this and so does Epic Games and the industry as a whole.
  • Michael Fox, Mfoxdogg in chat, who helped develop many aspects of Blender and I were just talking about this Saturday night before this news broke.
  • And, yes, how many 3d models are brought over from Blender and imported into Unreal Engine for creating games?  I am sure thousands!!
  • Isn’t wonderful to be human? To be susceptible to the level of cognitive dissonance that Mr. Sweeney displays?!
  • If they put the Fornite money to use supporting Blender and other open source projects, that in my opinion is better than them buying “excwusives” for the Epic Store.

Slice of Pi

Hacker Pi

  • A 32 bit Kali Linux for the Raspberry Pi 4 has been released, with a 64 bit version soon to follow.
  • Kali Linux has been so great at porting their security focused software to the RasPi ARM SoC, and the 4 is no exception!
  • This new Kali will support onboard Wi-Fi monitor mode and frame injection support for the Pi 4.
  • One of the reasons I want a Nexus 5 is the Kali Nethunter ROM.


Hot Pi

  • Now you have an excuse to buy that adorable little HSF from last week. 
  • The Raspberry Pi 3 had overheating issues as well at launch, and depending on your use case, they recommend a heatsink and fan.
  • Many RasPi 3 kits come with heatsinks and fans, and I am sure RasPi 4 kits will be no exception especially when hearing this news.
  • I have heatsinks on my Pi 3s.  
  • Of course it has a temperature problem, it doesn’t have anything on top of the IHS of the SoC.
  • Even a passive heatsink will help.

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