LWDW 188: Navi Comes To Linux

Kernel 5.3 adds support for AMD Navi GPUs! Mate tackles Optimus, Fedora 31 beta is ready for testing, and Pine 64 gets into the smartwatch business.

03:55 Linux Navi support
07:10 Acer joins the LVFS
09:45 Huawei Linux laptops
12:50 Mate Optimus
15:45 Manjaro 18.1.0
18:35 Fedora 31 Beta
21:05 Keyboard light
23:30 Pine64 smartwatch
26:55 Open sourcing msvcs
31:30 Shameless self promotion
33:45 X86 Pi
36:58 Oracle Pi
40:10 Your emails


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro

Linux 5.3

  • It includes support for AMD Navi GPUs.
  • Support is not exactly baked according to the reports of freezing, bad idle temps and the like. 
  • Also added more support for ARM SoCs, including from MediaTek and Amlogic.
  • Added support for the audio Conexant CX2072X Codec driver.
  • 16 millions of new IPv4 addresses in the range are now available.


Acer joins the LVFS (Rtheren)

  • I like this new future where updating firmware from Linux is ya know, possible. 
  • Thanks to the great work of Richard Hughes, Acer joins the Linux Vender Firmware Service.
  • The Acer Aspire A315 firmware is now available, with more models to follow soon!
  • Yeh, this is an exciting time to be on Linux.  Never thought this would happen just a few years ago.
  • Considering Acer is king among the Cheap Laptop crowd, this is a very good thing to have.


Huawei Linux laptops

  • Huawei is now selling the Matebook 13, Matebook 14, and Matebook X Pro at VMALL, Huawei’s ecommerce marketplace in China, with Deepin Linux preinstalled.
  • Despite concerns of Huawei stopping production on the PC OEM market because of US sanctions.
  • I think the trade blacklisting of Huawei by the US government will be good for the development of Linux on their laptops, because they may lose their Microsoft Windows licenses, thus making Deepin Linux that much better.
  • Huawei using Deepin… If there was ever a reason to scrutinize the Deepin code, this is the one!
  • Also, making the laptop work with Deepin (Debian) will ensure it works with everything on the Linux side – Thanks SteamOS!


Manjaro 18.1.0

  • Manjaro 18.1 now includes support for FlatPak and Snap packages.
  • The graphical package management tool “fpakman” has a new name “bauh”, now that FlatPack and Snap support are now included.
    • Changing the name from fpakman to bauh is WHY? Worthy. 


Fedora 31 Beta

  • RIP i686. 
  • Fedora IOT
  • XFCE 4.14
  • Qt Wayland By Default On Gnome.
  • Firefox Wayland By Default On Gnome
  • Did I mention GNOME 3.34?


Mate Optimus

  • This is basically what you want if you have an optimus laptop or are insane enough to get one of those NVidia mining cards working on desktop.
  • The big improvement with the latest version(s) is the ability to do bumblebee style, what they label as On-Demand, to keep the Nvidia card powered but only use it for the heavy stuff.
  • While retaining the ability to do the old switching the Nvidia card off entirely or running everything off of it.
  • Also supports GNOME Shell, XFCE, Budgie and Cinnamon desktops.
  • Thanks to Martin Wimpress, Wimpy, for all his wonderful work on this!
  • “The optimus support on Mate 19.10 is amazing, my life has now changed” says Adriaan in our Discord chat.


Keyboard light 

  • I guess they make backlit keyboard that can only be de-brighted using software. 
  • I like that the dev stuck to the “Do one thing and do it well” philosophy.
  • The developer, Juan Cuzmar, wrote kbdlight because he didn’t want to use a program with lots of dependencies to do a simple task like controlling brightness on a keyboard.


Pine64 smartwatch

  • The plan is to take a generic aliexpress smartwatch and shove some Linux in it. 
  • I like that they’re leaving the development up to the community but, at the same time, I hope they at least work on the tools the community will need to get it done.
  • Yeh, you can live in the Pine64 Linux ecosystem.  You can have a Pinebook Pro laptop, PineTab tablet, PinePhone and PineTime watch for all under $500!


Open sourcing msvcs

  • The burning question on the minds of all business professionals “will this help play video games?” 
  • Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
  • MSVC’s STL isn’t merging with libc++.

Slice of Pi

X86 Pi

  • That’s right in the “pick one up to play with” price range. 
  • Z8300 “Cherry Trail” quad-core processor @ 1.44 GH
  • 1/2/4 Gb RAM
  • USB 3. 
  • For an x86 pi-like that’s very nice pricing, even with the different RAM offerings.


1060 Pi (Rtheren)

  • The Oracle Raspberry Pi Supercomputer has 1060 Raspberry Pi’s, 49 custom printed Pi holders, 22 network switches, 18 USB power supplies, and lots of wiring.
  • It is running Oracle Autonomous Linux and Java, of course, and is being used to render selfies at the Oracle OpenWorld event being held in San Francisco today and since Monday of this week, or September 16-19.
  • This machine, looking a bit TARDIS like, is an amazing proof of concept that was created by Oracle as a way to learn fundamental cluster principles, and just because it’s cool!
  • Pi clusters aren’t practical when it comes to performance, but the novelty of supercomputer projects often make the learning experience worthwhile. 
  • It’s a demo/ad for “Oracle Autonomous Linux”.
  • If they were selling this It would cost ten times as much as any competitor, and requires you to sign a 10-year maintenance agreement… that covers nothing.
  • Disclaimer: I may have dealt with Oracle in the past. 




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