LWDW 244: Pi of Sauron

Linux kernel 5.9 adds support for big Navi! Pitivi gets plugins and a focus on stability, ultimate Ubuntu backup strategies, and why Windows will never learn to Linux.



04:43 Linux kernel 5.9
07:33 Kdenlive accelerated proxies
10:38 Pitivi 220.09 gets stable
16:03 BRUTAL YouTube downloader
19:38 GIMP 2.10.22
22:13 Ubuntu backups
29:03 Linux activity monitor
33:18 Windows will never Linux
37:58 Shilling & shameless self promotion
42:28 Spooky Pi hacks

Linux Kernel 5.9

  • And we will have support for the latest AMD GPUs being announced October 28th.
  • The Radeon RX 6000 “RDNA 2 ” graphics cards, aka “Big Navi.”
    • Something tells me that will look a lot like the 5X00 GPU support, give it a few months!
  • And Intel Rocket Lake graphics card support.
  • Performance improvements for our loved IBM Thinkpads.
  • Initial support for the IBM POWER10 processors.
  • This is the first release that supports the LG UltraFine 5K monitor at native 5K resolution.


Kdenlive 20.08.2

  • Bringing automatic scene split feature, experimental GPU rendering and a new crop effect besides the usual round of usability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added GPU profiles for rendering proxies and timeline preview.
  • I love that there are GPU profiles for timeline preview rendering as well as acceleration for final rendering of files.
  • This will help tremendously when you have lots of effects and filters in the timeline that you want to playback.


Pitivi 220.09

  • They are making a big point on focusing on one thing, stability. 
  • This release has a lot of new features from four years of development. 
  • A plugin system, easy ken burns, scaled proxies, timeline markers, nested timelines, colour clips, and keyboard shortcuts for pros. 
  • The next milestone will be a mix of bug fixes, cleanup and features. 
  • Unlike Kdenlive they don’t have the good sense to release an appimage so I’ll never know. 
  • I have been impressed with Pitivi’s updates and features over the last few years, and its stability.
  • I installed the Pitivi Flatpak and had fun testing it out.
  • This version has everything you need to create a quick video, whether it be editing, creating transitions, creating title clips, creating color clips, and adding effects.
  • And a great feature is being able to adjust the volume in the timeline quickly by just clicking on the track and using keyframes with the “rubber band” to adjust your volume up or down.
  • This is not a common feature in entry level video editors, but in more professional ones like Davinci or Premiere.
  • I have recommended it for people coming over from Windows and Mac who just need a quick and easy video editor on Linux, or a new YouTuber.


Brutal YT

  • There is no code to delete files, so you can’t delete files accidentally.
  • What a great use of youtube-dl.
  • You could use this method also to backup from Twitch.
  • You can only download public videos and when you DL you’re going to get it all. 
  • No half backups of playlists or channels. 
  • Age-gated videos hunger for cookies. 
  • “Occam’s-razor-thinking is strongly preferred for this project.”
    • Okay, the simplest solution is often the correct one.
  • “Brutally simplifying the code at the expense of features”
    • I’m with you…
  • “Edit the .env file with your S3-API or S3-like API information”
    • Wait, wha-…
  • “… just run docker-compose up youtube-channel-downloader
    • … and you lost me!


GIMP 2.10.22

  • GIMP 2.10.22 is a bug fix release with lots of maintenance changes to the core code and the overall infrastructure of GIMP. 
  • One of the most important improvements is that of better image file formats support.
  • Many people use GIMP for converting image file formats.
  • And there are improvements to BMP, DDS, JPEG, WebP, XPM and improved multi-layer TIFF exporting.
  • Support for the import and export of the AVIF file format, which is a future contender for a web image format that is open and royalty free.


Buntu backups 

  • Great article Daniel Rosehill!  I too keep at least three backups of everything, and instil this in my students with their animation projects.
  • I love Deja Dup and have been using it for years!
  • But instead of Clonezilla, which is awesome, I use the old school Partimage on my workstations.
  • And thank you for the CloudBerry Backup for Linux suggestion.  Had never heard of that cloud backup app.
  • Uptime birthday? Really?
  • I rebuilt Jackbox this weekend and it requires several custom tweaks. 
  • 37 minutes. 
  • Backup your home directory, kids. 
  • Learn to use rsync. 
  • I do agree with the several copies made by different software and kept in separate drives.
  • I guess this is more towards standardizing a way to ensure your backups are always in sync?


Linux activity monitor

  • Sysmon is beautifully laid out.
  • Including support for Intel and AMD GPUs is in the works.
  • Yeah, and a dark mode is planned for a future release .
  • Laying it out like the Windows Task Manager is probably not a terrible idea, create that sense of familiarity for people new to Linux.
  • One issue though, if people are new to Linux what’s the likelihood of them hearing about a third party task manager/system monitor if it doesn’t come pre-baked into their distro of choice?


MS Linux 

  • They’re going to end up buying Canonical. 
  • Bring back Lindows! 
  • Microsoft won’t give up on their DirectX Windows PC gaming franchise because of $$$$ and the Xbox.
  • I have enjoyed Hayden Barnes’ thoughtful discourse on Twitter and podcasts, and this post is a great example.
  • Reasonable argument, though some of those supporting claims are flawed.
  • I think a certain global pandemic has done more to revitalize the world of PCs (Desktops, laptops, and workstations like the linked article claims), than Microsoft ever did.
  • Though nitpicking aside, I do agree.
  • Windows is gonna Windows for a while, at least until Microsoft can find a way to effectively offer it as service on top of an ARM Surface.
  • And if it does boil down to KVM vs. Hyper-V, well that was never a real fight was it?

Slice of Pi

Pumpkin Pi (RTheren)

  • Oh look, the Pi of Sauron. 

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