LWDW 245: The Linux Edge

Microsoft releases Edge for Linux. Jami begins getting things Together, openSUSE is looking for writers and video editors, and a new Pi Compute Module with PCIe powers.

Special Tanks:
Rtheren (H20 from the wishlist)
Lordmokka (new patreon)
Daniel (patreon)
Jaoheah (Twitch sub)



06:20 openSUSE call for volunteers
09:45 KDE Plasma 5.20
15:50 Wttr.in
18:35 Another bluetooth flaw
22:20 Jami Together
25:35 Audio Gridder
28:25 Saffire Pro 40 under Linux
31:50 Microsoft Edge for Linux
38:30 Windows calculator Snap
41:10 Shilling and self promotion!
49:50 Pi compute module
54:50 Emails

sUse need U 

  • Would you like to contribute to a wonderful and friendly Linux distro?
  • openSUSE is looking for volunteers!
  • For writing and editing for documentation and wikis.
  • For creating videos tutorials, including producing, editing and scripting.
  • Also for testing software workflow and settings on new hardware.
  • If you use suse and know how to lay down some knowledge consider helping them out.
  • People who know how to make Linux educational material for Linux users are always in short supply.   
  • Translators, also needed. 


Plasma (RTheren)

  • I love the new wallpaper!
  • KDE has always had one of the best notification systems of any desktop manager, and this update improves on that.
    • You get notified when you run low on disk space.
    • You can now enter the Do Not Disturb mode by simply middle-clicking on the Notifications applet or system tray icon.
  • KDE 5.20 is out, you can play with it on many distros at this point.
  • Most of the system settings screens now use the “modern”, supposedly more integrated looking UI.
  • As long as I don’t get more memory leaks, I’ll be fine.


Curly Weather

  • This is wttr.in, my favorite weather app on Linux, and I have mentioned this before, but here is a bit more detail.
  • You can run wttr.in in the shell, $ curl wttr.in, or in a web browser at wttr.in.
  • And embed it as a widget on your desktop or website.
  • Or save it as a png:  $ wget wttr.in/Paris.png
  • I love the ASCII weather art!
  • Being able to just curl wttr.in makes this a lot more useful than most weather apps.
  • And you don’t need to install anything other than curl


Bleeding Teeth (RTheren)

  • This will probably not effect you at home with BlueZ running, unless your family wants to hack your system and has the know how to do it.
  • And when portable using your laptop at Starbucks Coffee, same thing.  Not many people have the know-how to hack BlueZ and Linux.
  • This is a far more serious vulnerability than most of the ones we’ve covered.
  • Keep your devices invisible if you keep bluetooth on.
  • Some DEs get a bit shouty if you have bt on but it’s not visible, so it may be time to change that particular behavior KDE.


Jami together

  • Might give it another look.
  • The underlying tech always seemed solid but that client, wow. 
  • I remember the couple of times we tried to use Ring.
  • Jami is a peer to peer softphone and instant messenger that has positioned itself as the free and Open Source alternative to Skype.
  • It was formerly GNU Ring, and SFLphone before that.
  • This is the latest update, called Jami “Together”, whose focus is not just on peer to peer but on large group collaboration.
  • It has been updated to work better on low bandwidth networks.
  • 50 kB/s in audio/video mode, and 10 kB/s for audio-only calls.


VST Server

  • Running Windows VSTs in Linux can be hit or miss. 
  • Such is the way of all things WINE. 
  • If we’re being honest, running native VST3 plugins can be spotty. 
  • This aims to alleviate that by turning Windows into a butter robot. 


Pro 40 in 2020

  • Focusrite is like Behringer, they make cheap (but usable) gear. 
  • Granted, Focusrite has better marketing. 
  • I wish I could tell you that this is a cheap alternative to the Scarlett series, bit it’s not. 


The Edge

  • Edge on Linux is no longer an idle threat. 
  • We can finally harness the power of Chromium on Linux. 
  • Deb or rpm, take your pick. 
  • Dev Channel is live and the Beta channel is coming spoon. 
  • It’s so weird to be using a Google Chromium based browser with a sign in to your Microsoft Account instead of Google.
  • Has three page layouts on startup to choose from for your start page/new tabs: Focused, Inspirational and Informational.  Or you can customize it.
  • I chose inspirational, because it is pretty and relaxing, and is one of the things I like about Bing search, its use of pretty background pictures.
  • It was just released for Android in the Google Play store as well.
  • On Android, I like the grid style used for the hamburger menu, and how easy it is to rearrange the menu with drag and drop.
  • I opened the deb before installing it just in case.
  • The only weird thing I noticed was that it uses a cron job to check and create the apt repo entry for updates on the daily.


Calculate Windows 

  • Back in the day I used to use the Windows Calculator all the time.
  • Now I just use gcalccmd in the terminal or the Google calculator in Google search.
  • Now you don’t have to electron wrap all the things.
  • You can use Uno instead.
  • I’ve never used Windows calculator. 
  • It’s a snap!
  • I do like the idea behind Uno, it’s mono that runs native mono or .NET applications from a single unified codebase and could effectively run on any OS.
  • Don’t make it a snap exclusive platform, though.

Slice of Pi

Pi 4 Compute (RTheren)

  • PCIe on the expansion board. 
  • No more DDR2 SO-DIMM connector.
  • I do like the IO PCB layout, that could be interesting!




Init Lin 


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