LWDW 327: When DOS is Linux

FreeDOS from Hewlett Packard is comes with a side of Linux, OBS Teleport is an open-source replacement for NDI, MSI B350 motherboards get a new lease on life, and a Pi powered drop-in kit for the original Game Boy DMG.

Special thanks to:
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00:00 Intro
05:47 When DOS is Linux
11:12 Inkscape 1.2
17:42 Obs NID replacement
21:37 MSI B350 & A320 CPU support
37:37 Raspberry Pi Zero Game Boy DMG

When DOS is Linux


  • Trixy HP. 
  • Picked up a HP ZBook 17.8 G8 laptop and had some fun with OS selection. 
  • Picked the FreeDOS option. 
  • Turns out it was qemu VM. 
  • This is fascinating and cool.
  • But I have a feeling that this is an UEFI issue.
    • FreeDOS does not support UEFI.
    • And despite HP computers being able to boot with Legacy BIOS enabled, HP probably wanted UEFI enabled for their own internal tech support.
    • Because all the other operating systems their computers ship with support and boot using UEFI.


Inkscape 1.2 (RTheren)


  • Inkscape 1.2 has been released with lots of new features, and lots of improvements to the user interface.
  • The Color palette and the Swatches dialog got a major redesign:
    • When switching the color palette, the switcher shows a colorful preview line for each palette.
    • And between 1 and 5 palette rows can now be displayed all at once, or scrolled through vertically using the arrow buttons.
  • A redesigned export dialog with a preview, and the ability to select objects, layers and pages, and even batch export to multiple file formats.
  • Inkscape 1.2 has a new Page tool which allows you to create multi-page Inkscape documents, as well as the ability to import and export multi-page PDF documents.
  • The Pen, Pencil, Text and Tweak tool now use the ‘last used style’ by default, and will not constantly reset to the black fill and stroke.
  • The Gradient editor is back in the Fill and Stroke dialog, which allows you to add, edit and delete gradient stops directly in the ‘Fill and Stroke’ dialog again.
  • Thank you to RTheren, our Advisor in chat, for posting this!


NDI replacement 


  • An OBS Studio plugin for an open NDI-like replacement.
  • No NDI compatibility but it does the same thing. 
  • The NDI OBS plugin is not in a great state at the moment. 
  • One big advantage is being able to set the port number. 
  • I had to do some trickery to stop NDI from crawling over the studio network in the past. 
  • The Network Device Interface tools by NewTek are amazing and work great with their hardware, like their series of TriCasters mixers, but it is nice to have another option for all the streamers and podcasters who use OBS.


MSI A320/B350 updates


  • Sooo… can I drop a 5600G into Jackbox?
  • MSI just released the AMD AGESA BIOS support for the X370, B350 and A320 motherboards.
  • This is awesome news, and on LWDW 318 we talked about the AMD announcement that their Ryzen 5000 CPUs will be supported in 300-series AM4 socket motherboards by updating them to a new AMD AGESA BIOS.
  • And this can only happen if motherboard vendors are willing to do so.
  • And the great MSI has risen to the occasion, instead of requiring you to buy a new mobo.
  • If I choose to, I can breathe new life into my B350 TOMAHAWK motherboard.
  • Looking over the list for my B350 and it appears most everything is supported. 
  • Don’t think I will be slapping a 5800X3D in anytime soon but hey, it’s an option. 
  • The A320 chipsets support the new hotness as well. 
  • I wonder what AMD had to threaten in order to get mobo manufactures onboard with this. 
  • Long live socket AM4. 
  • I’m not bitter about socket TR4 only getting two generations. 
  • No sir, not even a little bit. 

Slice of Pi

Pi Boy


  • Works with either a Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.
  • Includes 3.2inch LCD.
  • I have an original GB that rattles.

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