LWDW 246: 4-Dimensional Pine Cube

Ubuntu Groovy Gorilla comes to the Raspberry Pi! 1Password is looking for Linux testers, PineCube camera kit gets a price, and AMD GPU drivers that update daily.

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00:00 Intro
06:45 RIAA youttube-dl Github DMCA
15:10 Daily AMD GPU firmware
18:20 ScreenTranslator
22:30 PineCube
26:35 Thelio Mega
33:25 1password beta
39:50 Shilling & shameless self promotion
45:50 Vulkan on the Pi 4
50:05 Full desktop Ubuntu for Pi4

youtube-dl :-(

  • Using the DCMA inappropriately, again. 
  • We’ve had this argument before, you lost. 
  • I still can’t open that pull request
  • But yeah, if the issue were the examples, even Nintendo knows better than to bring out the DMCA before a cease and desist.
  • Imagine a lawyer or lawyer firm successfully getting an injunction to bar the RIAA from using the DMCA as a result of its misuse.
  • One can dream
  • Two weeks ago we talked about youtube-backup which, like many other applications for Linux, uses youtube-dl on the backend.
  • I have used it to back up videos on my own YouTube channel.
  • One of my use cases for youtube-dl, is to download and archive my favorite videos that I have already watched previously with ads.
  • I use it to download Twitch streams as well for archiving, because many Twitch channels  aren’t Twitch partners and their videos get deleted after a few weeks.
  • Also, youtube-dl is great for downloading tutorials for instruction, and to use for online content for creators.


AMD Daily 

  • Thank you for the Radeon RX 5700 fix!
  • This will go a long way when installing the new Radeon RX 6000 series cards coming out soon.
  • Nomodeset to the rescue, once again.
  • Need a little RNG in your life?
  • This will do it. 


Image translate

  • Remember Google Goggles?
  • This is ScreenTranslator, which is an open source standalone app for not only OCR, but converting text to different languages.
  • It’s a little tricky to get it up and running, but once you do it works great!
  • The instructions in the article is for the Windows version, not the Linux AppImage.
  • I went to our linuxgamecast.com site to use as conversion examples:
    • I played back and paused our LWDW 245 YouTube video from last week:     
      • What makes Jami unique –  Was macht Jami einzigartig?
  • I remember the days of spending lots of time using flatbed scanners to convert printed documents to OCR :-(
  • And OCR software being very expensive.
  • I usually use Google Photos for OCR on images, which easily converts text on images using Google Translate.


Pinecube camera kit

  • So they dropped the sensor quality/brand to be able to offer it for a lower price.
  • What’s the point?
  • I can see the pinephone, pinetab, pinebook and pinetime.
  • This I can’t.
  • Pedro will need the Pinecil soldering iron that is in development for just $24.99 to improve his soldering technique ;-)
    • That seems to be based on the TS-100 so I probably will ^.^
  • At $29.99 this thing is arguably worse than a Pi 0 W + camera kit. 


Thelio Mega x 4

  • This is a beautiful and powerful beast of a machine System76!
  • Thelio Mega is the world’s smallest quad-GPU workstation for deep learning and scientific computing.
  • The unique airflow comes through the side of the case and out to the back, via several intake 140mm fans from the side and bottom of the case to cool the 4 NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs.
  • I specced out the Thelio Mega with the top of the line components and reached over $43 grand.
  • But considering it’s performance is that of several high end workstations combined, this is a nice space saving alternative to a render farm, whether it be for CG or AI.
  • Giving the Mac Pro a run for its insane price point!


1Password for Linux beta

Slice of Pi

Vulkan Pi’s 

  • Iago Toral, Mesa contributor extraordinaire, has completed the base Vulkan implementation for the RasPi 4.
  • It is API complete for Vulkan 1.0, which is pretty good!
  • It is currently available in mesa-upstream, so it may take a bit longer if you’re just following the version available for the Pi repos.


Desktop Pi 

  • Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 “Groovy Gorilla” is now officially available for the Raspberry Pi 4!
  • And this Ubuntu 20.10 Gnome desktop image even supports the new Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module 4GB and 8GB we talked about last week!

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