LWDW 251: Hacking The Apple M1

ProtonVPN releases a native Linux client, Mint launches Hypnotix for IPTV, a handy GUi for cpupower, and the guy behind Linux on the PS4 wants to do the same for the Apple M1.



00:00 Intro
05:06 Hacking the Apple M1
09:46 Gnome 3.38.2
13:11 ProtonVPN native Linux client
16:51 Blender 2.91
18:36 Humble Royalty Free Bundle
23:26 cpupower GUI
26:21 Davinci Resolve 17 Beta 3
31:36 Mint Hypnotix IPTV player
38:32 PieJam audio mixer
41:32 Pi4 case fan

Linux on the M1

  • When we talked about this last week I had a feeling that one of the developers who put Linux on the Playstation/Nintendo Switch might do this!
  • Contribute to Hector Martin’s Patreon campaign.
  • All development will be in the open, pushed to GitHub regularly.
  • Dude wrote AbestOS for the PS3 and put Linux on the PS4. 
  • Yeah, the folks in fail0verflow have more than proved their mettle.
  • Though I really want to read a post-mortem after they figure it out on just how much Apple shenanigans they had to workaround or deal with to get it running.
  • Apple has a fun little choice to make. 
  • Open it or have it opened. 
  • Or, don’t buy hardware from companies that do not support Linux. 


Gnome update

  • GNOME 3.38.2 is out with lots of bug fixes and updates.
  • This annoying bug has been fixed:  The Gnome Control Center now correctly detects when ethernet devices are hotplugged.
  • There are even updates to the GtkEmojiChooser:
    • Allow inserting multiple Emoji by pressing Control.
    • Updated Emoji data to Unicode 13/CLDR 37.
  • They’re still working on GNOME OS, at least in how it integrates with GNOME Boxes.
  • Having a native application in a DE for managing virtual machines is convenient, I’ll give them that.
  • And having a KDE Neon equivalent but for people who hate their mouse like GNOME, if they exist at all, that’s a nice idea as well.
  • It’s good to know there’s a distro out there I will never touch unless it’s by accident.


Proton client beta

  • It’s good to see more and more VPN providers do this. 
  • I would like to see a GUI but hey, it’s a start. 
  • Considering how simple the CLI syntax is, it’s alright.
  • But yes, integrating with the DE’s own take on the networkmanager applet would be awesome.
  • PIA offers that, or a full blown GUI for Debian/Ubuntu based distros.
  • The Proton beta app does not support split tunneling or running on a headless system.
  • If you need that functionality, still use the Community Linux Client.
  • The ProtonMail Bridge for Linux was launched in April, and it is nice to see more progress being done for Linux with their VPN.


Blender 2.91 (Mfoxdogg)

  • Blender 2.91 has been released and it’s the fourth major release this year of my favorite open source 3D and 2D animation and modelling app!
  • There are lots of sculpting updates, including support for collisions in the cloth sculpting tool.
  • It also introduces improvements to bevels and Boolean operations.
  • And updates to the UI, animation and simulation tools.
  • There is a new Box Trim and Lasso Trim tool which lets you add and remove geometry from a model using box selection or lasso gestures.


Humble Royalty Free PSA

  • 29 albums worth of royalty free music for $25. 
  • Handy for streamers and Tubers and content creators alike. 
  • However it’s packaged incorrectly. 
  • 25 (26?) of the zip files are in fact, full or rarw. 


Cpupower Gui

  • Running on the Pine phone. 
  • If you have an Intel CPU you can set the frequency per Pstate.
  • On AMD, at least the version currently available in 20.04, only shows max and min frequency as well as the governor.
  • Don’t get me wrong though, this is really nice to have in GUI form.
  • This is an easy way to set your CPU to Performance for playing games if game mode isn’t installed, and rendering animation and videos.


DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.0 Beta 3

  • Support for the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor.
  • Support for the Fairlight Mini Console.
  • Support for independent track height and view mode options.
  • Open toolkit to create DaVinci Resolve Studio workflow integration plugins.
  • It launches and I should point out it can be installed directly from the *.run if you want.
  • Magic mask using the DaVinci neural engine generates tracking masks.
  • I have been waiting for these effects to come to Davinci:  Resolve FX Motion Trails temporal motion blur, object trails, disco effects.
  • Initial support for a GPU accelerated 2D shapes toolkit for motion graphics.
  • This is just cool:  You can directly upload to Twitter from within DaVinci Resolve.


Mint TV

  • Hypnotix can now handle live TV. 
  • VODs with IMDB goodness. 
  • Beta is available.
  • It’s nice to see a new program that lets you watch TV! 

Slice of Pi

Pi Jam 

  • There’s even a PieJam OS you can get to have a pretty GUI to go along with a Pi mixer.


Fan Pi 

  • Hey, it’s nice to see them acknowledging that the Pi4 runs a little on the warm side. 
  • Tiny fan which makes the thermal behaviour slightly better than a Pi that’s not in a case.
  • Not bad!
  • Especially if you consider it’s using the gaps between the USB/ethernet ports and the official Pi4 case to pull air in and exhausting out the SD card hole on the back.
  • Will it work better if we have the case upside down, so that the SD card hole is on the top?
  • And it’s only $5!

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