LWDW 255: Linux On The N64

A handy tool for installing Linux apps, Rocky Linux roadmaps, streaming with NymphCast, and Raspberry Pi PCIe compatibility. All this, plus your emails.



00:00 Intro
04:51 Rocky Linux release date
08:18 Neo Chat for Matrix
12:33 What is NymphCast?
15:38 N64 Linux
19:38 Command not found
23:13 Snd Firewire Control
26:13 Zomm H6 remote
29:18 Raspberry Pi PCIe devices
33:53 HDMI Amiga Pi
39:13 Emails

Rocky Q2 2021

  • They are targeting Q2 2021 to deliver our first release of Rocky Linux.
  • In the process of setting up the infrastructure. 
  • Will be using AWS as the build platform. 
  • Lot’s of companies have stepped up to sponsor the project because hey, it’s cheaper than RHEL.
  • The whole thing is loaded with veiled potshots.
  • Still if you want to avoid Streams like the plague, this is looking to be the distro of choice.
  • The beauty of open source is that when there is a need there is a way.
  • And Rocky Linux will probably be the fastest major distro ever made.


Neo Chat from the Matrix ;-)

  • NeoChat 1.0, the KDE Matrix client, has been released.
  • Matrix is an open network for secure and decentralized communication, and is very similar to Discord, Telegram, Whatsapp.
  • It’s nice to have a well laid out Matrix client for KDE and Android, and another Matrix client in general.
  • Lots of Linux communities are adopting this platform.
  • I have been using the Element.io app for Linux, Android and web for chatting.
  • Comes installed by default in the Plasma Mobile Pinephones.
  • Finding your way around a decentralized network of things is usually what keeps this stuff from getting adopted.


NymphCast (RTheren)

  • Complete media platform
  • Comes with both server and client app for you to run on your phone and do things remotely.
  • Still in Alpha but as someone looking to build a Pi media server to just run some internet radio stations and local network playlists off a Pi direct to the soundbar in the living room, this seems like just the thing.
  • Maya Posch, the developer, calls NymphCast “a casual attempt at an open alternative to ChromeCast and kin.”
  • Yeah, it’s like a Chromecast with a bunch of extra steps thrown in. 
  • Or a really limited Plex like setup. 
  • Unfortunately it’s a server / client setup. 


Linux on the N64

  • Dude said having Linux available for the N64 makes it easier to port emulators & console games.
  • It’s a legit case of “because I can”. 
  • www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Nintendo_64 can be edited to no longer say “vaporware”.
  • It’s been done before but never submitted. 
  • Our very own Mr_Alert in chat got Linux running on a Nintendo 64 four years ago after a lot of work building device drivers for it.
  • He showed a demo of his N64 booting Linux back at SCaLE 14x and was featured on the Linux Action Show!



  • Have you ever forgotten the commands to install a Linux program from the command line?  Or just didn’t know the commands for a new distro you are in?
  • The Command-not-found search engine will help you.
  • Type the name of any Linux app you need to install.
  • Then it will return the command you need to install the app from the terminal for all the main distros.
  • Such as apt-get, pacman or dnf install for xterm or gimp.
  • Also gives a brief description of the program you are looking for and what it does.
  • I tossed this in the notes this week because I was tracking down some dependencies and Googs listed it as a result. 
  • It was handy for tracking down some libs with nonstandard package names. 
  • Very good if you have a mix between Debian/Buntu and RH/Fedora systems, because that’s where the actual fragmentation exists in Linux.
  • The goshdarned package names!



  • If you ever plugged a firewire interface into your PC and headed over to alsamixer you were usually greeted with volume control, if you were lucky. 
  • Getting access to mixer controls, line levels, phantom power, phase invert and the like could only be done with ffado-mixer or hinawa-utils.
  • 7 common chipsets are supported totaling some 40 devices. 
  • It’s 100% Rust so the kids will love it.  
  • Should find its way into ALSA but you can build it yourself and it’s reached a point to where I feel comfortable recommending trying it out.


Zoom H6 remote 

  • Control the H6 from your PC. 
  • Homebrew cable. 
  • This is one of those throwing it in because it is neat / helpful. 

Slice of Pi


  • Hey! Check it out!
  • Links for the actual stuff so you can buy one to try for yourself.
  • If the 750ti works, I’m buying a Pi4 Compute module and the IO board.
  • But it seems the moment you boot with the NVidia drivers installed the whole system locks up.



  • The Pi runs software from the RGBtoHDMI project originally created with the BBC Micro.
  • Signals are brought out via a daughterboard to the expansion header.




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