LWDW 274: Oh The Audacity

Audacity explains their new telemetry, Microsoft Edge enters beta, Raspberry Pi powered KVM switches, and 5 totally useless Linux commands. All this plus your emails.

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00:00 Intro
04:57 Basic telemetry for Audacity
10:02 Starbook MKV
14:07 OMG oops
17:47 Anime2Sketch
19:47 5 totally useless Linux commands
24:27: Edge enters beta
31:47 Pi powered KVM
36:47 Emails

Colour key: Venn Jill Pedro

Audacity telementy 


  • It’s opt-in. 
  • If you are compiling Audacity from source, we will provide a CMake option to enable the telemetry code. This option will be turned off by default.
  • Like the telemetry in Debian. 
  • In general telemetry for the developer is quite valuable. 
  • Using google is quite stupid though.
  • When they first introduced it, it was on by default and it wasn’t for another 2 days that it got reverted.
  • Telemetry is good, but doing it the Ubuntu Amazon way is not.
  • Ubuntu has system stat profiling which is default, but you can opt-out of it.
  • These metrics improve Ubuntu and the results are published online.
  • Having this locked and ready + dropping it out of nowhere was bad form. 
  • So is stressing that it’s opt-in when it was originally not. 




  • £777 for an i3 with a 1080p 14” screen…
  • Uhh … Good luck with that.
  • The StarBook Mk V laptop from UK-based Star Labs is available for pre-order.
  • This slim 3.1 pound notebook has a 14 inch 1080p display, an 11th-gen Intel Tiger Lake-U processor, Intel UHD Graphics, and up to 64GB of RAM.
  • It comes with your choice of Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Zorin OS.
  • It supports open source firmware, including coreboot, which can be installed with fwupd.
  • It’s an additional $238.00 for the 11Gen Core i7.
  • Shipping is scheduled for June 2021.
  • Double the amount of speakers!
  • Curious about the custom keyboard layouts. 


System 76 keebs


  • Clack clack *blink* clack. 
  • It comes with a keycap puller. 
  • Split spacebar? 
  • Low low price of $285. 
  • I was curious about the configurable layout and all that.
  • That price cured my curiosity.


Animoo 2 sketch 


  • Someone really liked Vinland Saga
  • This does a lot of the work for you, instead of spending a lot of time in Inkscape converting an image to lines and having to draw all the details.
  • NGL, it does a good job. 


5 totally useless Linux commands



  • This was originally titled “5 totally useless Linux commands” written by someone unfamiliar with scripting, among other things. 
  • Arch, uname etc. are decidedly not useless, you can rely on them delivering expected output regardless of the distro.
  • TeeHee!!  One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.
  • I have been using bc, or the basic calculator, since my early years of Slackware Linux.
  • I just used it yesterday, instead of Google’s calculator, because I didn’t want to leave the terminal.
  • The beauty of Linux is that you can often find several commands that will output the same data but with different verbosity.
  • To be fair, I agree with some of them.
  • But I would also make the argument bc and uname are actually very useful.


Edgy beta


  • Again, why anyone would actually want Microsoft’s latest attempt at a browser on Linux is open to question.
  • No longer in the dev channel it’s ready for primetime… in beta. 
  • Collect yet another Chromium based browser! 
  • If you’d rather send Microsoft your data rather than Google.
  • And apparently, they collect a lot less than Google does.
  • The Microsoft Edge browser is now available to download in the Beta channel for Linux.
  • It had been available in the Dev channel since Microsoft’s Ignite conference last year.
  • The Edge browser beta has new theme colors.
  • And it now has Microsoft account support on Linux, so you can sync your history, passwords, favorites etc.
  • It is also very fast, and ever since we talked about the developer preview, I have found myself actually using it more than expected.

Slice of Pi



  • The major complaint from ServeTheHome is the spaghetti plate of cables you’re going to need.
  • And if they’re charging extra for the software and the input HDMI on the case, I think they could honestly get away with charging extra with a bundle cable, which has everything all neat ready to plug in.
  • Honestly, I’m looking at the HDMI input and I’m not thinking KVM, more along the lines of capture device. 

OBS Alerts! 



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