LWDW 278: Rainbow Donuts

Pop!_OS Linux 21.04 is ready for testing! Slimbook releases a simplified GUI for controlling mobile Ryzen TDP values, Blender 2.93 LTS nodes all the things, and a Raspberry Pi powered guitar effect pedal.



00:00 Intro
08:01 KDE Plasma 5.22
14:31 Blender 2.93 LTS
18:56 Pop!_OS COSMIC beta
22:41 Thunderbird 90 Beta 1
25:16 Slimbook AMD controller
28:11 OpenRGB 0.6
31:51 BlueLab audio plugins coming to Linux
37:56 Neural networked powered effects pedal
40:56 Emails

Colour key: Venn Pedro Jill

Plasma 5.22


  • Pedro will be so happy that they are working on refactoring code to make Plasma more stable!
  • KWin should now support different VRR monitors in Wayland.
  • Which was something I was promised for a long long time.
  • And, while it does technically work in X, it has some issues.
  • Plasma System Monitor is out to replace KsysGuard, and you guessed, it crashes when you close it.
  • Active screen defaults to follow the cursor, which is how I like it – thank you.
  • KRunner can now be called by Alt+Space, or it would be if the launch shortcuts for it worked at all. 
    • I’m not kidding, they broke Alt+F2
    • They fixed it with the hotfix patches today.
  • The transparency and blurring effects in KDE have always been resource hogs, so I disable those.
  • And to address the changes in the system settings, Ross Scott put it best: “If I need to search to effectively use it, then your Graphical User Interface is fundamentally flawed”
  • Has anyone forked KDE 4.12 yet?


Blender 2.93 LTS (Mfoxdogg)


  • Lots of new features!
    • Nodes, nodes, nodes!  22 new nodes for greater control of geometry.
    • Automatically generated Grease Pencil lines around your 3D objects.
    • In the Grease Pencil 2D drawing tool:
      • You can import SVG files as Grease Pencil objects.
      • Export Grease Pencil objects as vectors to use in Inkscape and other applications.
      • PDF export supports animation, creating one page per keyframe.
        • This is great for storyboards and animatics.
      • You can create temporary closing strokes on the fly, so you don’t accidentally fill out of your intended area.
    • The Eevee viewport renderer looks better than ever!
      • Volumetrics are now faster, more stable, and support soft shadows and area lights.
    • The Cycles renderer now supports Multithreaded Export.
    • Intel Iris and Xe GPUs now have OpenCL support.


Pop!_OS COSMIC beta


  • Now you can test System76’s new COSMIC desktop, which is based on the GNOME 3.38 desktop, in their Pop!_OS 21.04 beta live ISO on their GitHub page!
  • I <3 the always visible dock that you can fully customize, resize and move.
  • The “Show Workspaces” and “Show Applications” shortcut buttons on the dock definitely makes COSMIC feel more like classic GNOME.
  • Hitting the meta key goes to a launcher that lets you search for an application instead of the GNOME applications.
  • And now you can create folders on the desktop for organizing files!
  • Overall, I think System76 nailed it, and made improvements to the desktop, including adding settings from “Dash to Dock”, “GNOME Tweaks” and other extensions that we wished would be default.


Brib 90 beta 1


  • Default IRC server for new chat accounts changed to “libera.chat”.
  • And the more keyboard shortcuts the better:  Keyboard shortcuts to access To/CC/BCC fields of compose window.
  • And because people still do print on dead trees, the Printing UI has been updated.
  • A big sveicināti to the peeps in Latvia who’ve been wanting Thunderchicken in their native language.


AMD mobile TDP (RTheren)


  • Oh, this will come in handy!
  • They built a very simplified GUI around ryzenadj
  • And you know what? I applaud them for that!
  • We need more GUI stuff if people are to even consider using Linux.
  • However, it wouldn’t have hurt if they’d actually put a single line pointing back to RyzenAdj in that page.


Open RGB 0.6


  • MSI Mystic Light re-enabled after deep dive investigation into RGB controller bricking issue.
  • New plugin features for the UI:  visual map editor and effects engine.
  • More UI configuration:  exit to tray, save window geometry.
  • It works


Blue Lab audio coming to Linux



  • BlueLab is preparing an update of all its plugins. 
  • There will be new features, some improvements, and Linux versions.
  • Two plugins I’m interested in?
  • Autogain, a gain rider plugin and a denoiser. 

Slice of Pi



  • What’s the best use of running neural nets in real-time on the Raspberry Pi?
  • Stomp boxes! 
  • Using Elk Audio OS, NeuralPi, and HiFi Berry ADC + DAC. 
  • Dude built a Real-time VST3 plugin that models the Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer pedal, as well as a Fender Blues Jr. amplifier.
  • Fun little project that can be done for around $166. 
  • In theory you can train it (using pitorch) to simulate other pedals / amps. 
  • Sounds alright, for a Fender. 
  • It can only run one model at a time but future work will add controls for gain / volume EQ etc. 
  • Since this is running on a Pi a would really like to see a module for bitfocus companion. 


well acktually



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