LWDW 305: Dracula vs Open-Source

Kdenlive gets enhanced face tracking, Pop!_OS has a new application library, OpenRazer 3.2.0 makes more things blink, and resurrecting the Digidesign 003R with open-source.

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00:00 Intro
04:15 RIP 3D Now
10:55 Pop!_OS 21.10
16:15 Dracula all the things
21:30 Video Trimmer 0.7.0
22:35 Kdenlive AI motion tracking
27:15 OpenRazer v3.2.0
32:30 Reviving the Digidesign 003R
41:05 External Wifi for the WiPi
45:40 Emails

Pop!_OS 21.10


  • The latest Ubuntu Linux based Pop!_OS 21.10 has been released, with lots of new features and updates!
  • It ships with the Linux 5.15 kernel, and the latest proprietary NVIDIA drivers.
    • Something POP gets right. 
  • Pop!_OS 21.10 COSMIC now has a smaller window for the Application Library, and it doesn’t open up full screen like it used to, making for a visually cleaner experience using the OS.
  • And just in case you break something, another new progressive feature called Refresh OS has been introduced.
  • Refresh OS gives you an option to reinstall the entire OS without deleting data from the home folder.
  • Also, the much anticipated ARM build for Pop OS 21.10 for the Raspberry Pi 4 is available to download!
  • Lot of 500 errors going around on Tuesday. 
  • Pop!_Pi Tech-Preview that’s a tech preview because it doesn’t receive as much Quality Assurance.
  • They are now hosting Pop!_OS custom software repositories from their own infrastructure.


Dracula all the things


  • Nice, it also works with GNOME Terminal, Slack, Telegram, Atom, Emacs, Chrome, Firefox, Discord, Steam, Gedit and a ton of other apps.
  • Almost but not quite dark mode for all the things. 
  • In my mind the Dracula theme has always been better than nothing. 
  • Purple beats white. 
  • It has its own site that doubles as app discovery. 


Video Trimmer 0.7.0


  • If you need a quick and easy way to cut your videos for YouTube or presentations, then Video Trimmer is the app for you!
  • Video Trimmer 0.7.0 is out with some very nice updates.
  • There is a new checkbox for “accurate trimming with re-encoding” to the output file selection dialog, for more frame perfect output.
  • And the GTK based Video Trimmer also has a better look and feel, and matches the GNOME Adwaita theme.
  • Like other video editors, it now defaults to a dark mode.


KDEnlive 2112


  • I like the new option to loop the selected clip in the timeline, because now you don’t have to copy and paste your video clip sequentially in the timeline multiple times to get the desired effect.
  • And being able to create multiple project bins from folders is a wonderful feature for organization.
  • Slide slide slippity slide. 
  • That’s now a thing if you need to align clips with a quickness without cutting. 
  • Multicam editing is now a thing. 
  • Motion tracking courtesy of DaSiamRPN Tracker. 
  • You will need to download the models for this. 
  • Using the appimage I was able to track Jordan, kinda. 
  • Square Pixelate and Opaque Fill and object obscure.
  • An option for Kdenlive to automatically add audio tracks to the timeline from clips would be nice. 
  • I did all this with the appimage BTW. 


OpenRazer v3.2.0


  • OpenRazer v3.2.0 is out with greater Razer RGB hardware support and bug fixes for Linux.
  • Now supports:
    • Razer Blade 14 Laptop released in 2021
    • Razer Blade Pro 17 Laptop (Early 2020)
    • Razer Blade 17 Pro Laptop (Mid 2021)
    • Razer BlackWidow V3 keyboard
    • Razer DeathAdder Essential (2021) mouse
  • Oh, nice, and it also now supports the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed 65% wireless keyboard that I have been wanting to buy!
  • I have been using OpenRazer with my Razer BlackWidow Chroma mechanical keyboard for years.
  • It’s not just for desktop gerbils. 
  • Keyboards, mouse mats, and headsets. 
  • If it blinks, they got you covered. 


Digidesign 003R Take #2


  • In 2007 Digidesign released the Digi 003R. 
  • Fourteen years later it learned how to Linux.
  • Tak implemented the clock recovery in May of this year. 
  • I spent a month hammering on it and can say with some degree of confidence that the ALSA drivers make with the working. 
  • Latency is a wee on the high side but it’s a lot of interface for $100. 

Slice of Pi



  • That’s pretty impressive that the Pi Zero 2 could detect 14 Wi-Fi networks with an external antenna, but only four without it.
  • And the connections to the Wi-Fi signals would be a lot stronger, allowing you to put the Pi further from the source for projects needing greater distance.
  • Please note this modification is done at your own risk and will invalidate any warranty and RF compliance.
  • For a few bucks and a poke with a hot stick you can give the pi0w2 a little boost. 
  • Ya see kids, before smartphones we had a silly hobby called war driving. 



Blue Xmas



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