LWDW: 20 Years Of Source

Skype goes Snap! O-Droid releases the N1, MATE gets HiDPI and open source turns twenty. All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro


Snapy skype

  • Has to run in –classic mode.
  • Does not detect audio or video.
  • Skype *.deb installed without issue.
  • I will question the usefulness of snaps until something useful comes out for it.
  • A bunch of electron apps which already work everywhere Chromium would don’t really qualify.


Unofficial Grams

  • TDLib is the right way to go about things.
  • Don’t like the official app? Try one of the many full-featured alternatives.
  • Anything is better than electron flavoured lockin.
  • The unofficial telegrams could be anything from a difference in branding to something designed from the ground up to fill whatever functionality niche you or your company have.
  • It’s open sauce, it’s got a decent enough API to allow for better functionality with other applications.
  • This is just a good idea.
  • Heck! If someone makes one of these which allows for multiple instances and has better sound quality than Wire…


MATE 1.20

  • In my day we said proud as punch, just saying.
  • Dynamic detection for HiDPI displays.
  • Marco now supports DRI3 and XPresent, if available.
  • MATE Terminal now supports background images because that was a real showstopper.
  • Alright, give me a ppa and I will take the Pepsi challenge.
  • See if it can handle 5 SCREENS OF FURRY.
  • I’m going to wait for the unofficial 16.04 PPA to be updated as well.


6 Libre

  • New filters for exporting Writer documents to ePub and importing QuarkXPress files have also been added
  • OOXML interoperability has been improved
  • OpenPGP keys can be used to sign ODF documents on all desktop operating systems, with experimental support for OpenPGP-based encryption.
  • The upcoming release of LibreOffice Viewer for Android will be able to create new documents, will offer a tab-based toolbar with formatting options, and will let users add pictures either from the camera or from a file stored locally or in the cloud.
  • They do kind of hint at not deploying this in the enterprise.
  • There’s also the “Notebook bar”, aka LibreOffice’s Ribbon for those MS Office users out there who actually like that monstrosity.


Another bullet to shoot it with

  • Didn’t even read the article because if you are using Flash in 2018 you deserve what you get, period.
  • What? There is one site you simply must use because they only support Flash?
  • Well, ask yourself this.
  • Why do you support a site that clearly does not care about your security?
  • “But muh anime waifu!”
    • Your anime waifu is going to give you more than an STD if you keep using flash.


Bears repeating

  • Some people simply refuse to accept this.
  • Heck, most people don’t understand what swap is.
  • If you use swap in the spirit intended, though – as a method of increasing equality of reclamation – you’ll find that it’s a useful tool instead of a hindrance.
  • Disabling swap does not prevent disk I/O from becoming a problem under memory contention
  • The kernel wants swap.



  • HiFour reportedly devastated.
  • I Want To Believe.jpg
  • The world’s first and only Linux-capable, multi-core, RISC-V processor.
  • 28nm… woof.
  • Development boards start at $999 / evil when they do handstands.
  • Sadly this is a overpriced piece of kit that fails to fill an actual need.
  • So, sorry not sorry.



  • LKRG? Really?
  • That sounds like an organization that might come disappear you during the night.
  • A loadable kernel module that will perform runtime integrity checking of the Linux kernel.
  • Its purpose is to detect exploitation attempts for known and unknown security vulnerabilities against the Linux kernel and attempt to block attacks.
  • So, does it detect PSP and IME?
  • You can expect a “Pro” ver$ion.
  • Current LKRG version adds a 6.5% penalty.


20 years a sauce

Slice of Pi

Pi Things

Oh Droid

  • I’m really starting to pay attention to critters like this.
  • If Charter ever pulls a Summer and gives me that 20^ I will build a LGC 24/7 box.



  • For the most part that sorted it.
  • Firefox still has some issues but it’s usable.

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