LWDW 320: KDE takes a swipe at Windows 11

KDE puts Windows 11 to shame, rolling Ubuntu Rhinos, Gnome 42 is packed with new features, and a Raspberry Pi powered pinball machine.



00:00 Intro
06:16 Gnome 42 new features
11:11 RIP nice GTK buttons
15:04 KDE takes a swipe at Windows
19:44 Debian 11.3
23:49 Rolling Ubuntu release with Rhino
30:49 Mini Pi powered pinball

GNOME 42 (RTheren)


  • Having built-in screen grabbers is tops. 
  • print screen =’s grab. 
  • It even does video. 
  • Screen sharing in GNOME 42 makes use of RDP rather than VNC.
  • Lots of apps have been ported to GTK4. 
  • GNOME 42 has been released, with lots of new features, as well as many enhancements, smaller improvements and faster performance.
  • GNOME 42 is the first version of GNOME to put libadwaita at its core, and this updated toolkit brings a fresh new look, better performance, and new widgets.
  • And because of the libadwaita integration, something we have waited quite a while for is now here, there is a new global dark mode UI style preference that has arrived in GNOME 42.
    • This can be used to request that apps use a dark UI style instead of light.
    • And can be found in the new Appearance panel in the Settings app.
    • But it not only switches the UI to dark, it switches the wallpaper also to a dark style.
  • There are two new default apps: Text Editor and Console.
  • The GNOME browser now enables hardware accelerated rendering on all websites.
  • GNOME’s virtual machine app, Boxes, which I use a lot for virtualization, has a redesigned preferences view and has better support for modern UEFI operating systems.
  • Thank you to our Advisor RTheren in chat for posting this in our Show suggestions.


RIP nice buttons


    • Ever have a favourite button?
  • “hint at not completely loving the new libadwaita theme I instantly get shut down”
    • How dare you disagree with the Gnome hivemind. 
  • Yes, everything is flat now but compared to skeuomorphic?
  • Blood for the flat design gods!
  • Welcome to the brave new world of GTK4. 
  • Dude is really against using libadwaita on mobile.
  • I personally love the new Adwaita theme, and that it is more minimal and modern.
  • But I do feel for Martijn, and his love for the old school roundy buttons, that I still like to.
    • He states:  “Everything is flat now. Borders on widgets have been eradicated! Blood for the flat design gods!”
  • And he has a great point about libadwaita being a huge decrease in accessibility.
  • The buttons in the header bar look the same as titles now, thus making it harder to visually see.


KDE swipe 



  • The upcoming release of KDE Plasma 5.25 in June will have a new touch screen swiping feature that is even nicer than the one in Windows 11.
  • Users with touch screen devices will be able to enter their tasks and virtual desktops overview by simply swiping down from the top edge.
  • But there is something cooler than just a standard swipe:
  • Swiping down from the top edge is so beautiful and fluid because the tasks and virtual overviews follows the path of your finger and change size.
  • Plasma Mobile is a beautiful OS, and they are bringing that sleakness and great touch control to the KDE desktop.
  • Kwin for the win! 
  • When running the Plasma Wayland session in a VM, clicking on something now causes the click to actually go to the correct place, rather than being slightly offset.


Debian 11.3


  • Installed in the studio, nothing exploded. 
  • Lots of security fixes:
    • Clamav has a new upstream stable release which fixed a denial of service issue [CVE-2022-20698].
    • Fixed some more intel-microcode mitigation security issues.
    • And fixed several apache-log4j2 vulnerabilities and remote code execution and security issues.


Danger roll



  • It’s pulling development packages.
  • Then rhino-update shows up and pulls things that are not in the dev branch. 
  • Do not use aptitude first, or else it might overwrite your capability of running rhino-init and rhino-update.
  • This project has no affiliation with Canonical Ltd. or Ubuntu and is not considered supported by Ubuntu.
  • But Rolling Rhino is a nice way to make Ubuntu a rolling release, and thus update to newer application updates and critical libraries.
  • Instead of having to wait for Ubuntu’s slower release cycle.

Slice of Pi

Pinball Pi 



  • You Need two things for a pinball machine. 
  • Long throw clicky buttons and a RasPi. 
  • And a 7” touch screen + a bit of software. 
  • Did I mention the Arduino?
  • …and some LED matrix panels. 
  • The pinball application is in C++ and OpenGL.
  • He usedraylib

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