LWDW 330: Linux On iPads & Ubuntu takes the PipeWire challenge

Ubuntu takes the PipeWire challenge! Linux Mint takes over development of Timeshift, installing Linux on an iPad 2, and the Orange Pi 800 looks a wee familiar.


00:00 Intro
07:21 Linux on the iPad
10:56 Ubuntu defaults to PipeWire
13:26 Pulseaudio 16 Jack enhancements
16:31 Mint takes over Timeshift
21:06 Real-time deepfakes with your webcam
27:31 Orange Pi 800

Linux pad


  • Have an old iPad 2 laying about?
  • These guys are working on making it useful. 
  • Not just iPads but anything using the A7/8 chips. 
  • I have several old iPads that I got off eBay for my computer collection a long time ago.
  • Soon I can make them useful.

Ubuntu 22.10 has Pipes


  • God good good! 
  • More pipes =’s more test subjects. 
  • Ubuntu 22.10 makes PipeWire its default audio server.
  • Ubuntu 22.10 will ship with Pipewire in place of Pulseaudio and will work out of the box with no workarounds required..
  • The latest daily builds of the development release include this huge change.
  • The Pipewire audio server will bring Ubuntu a whole host of improvements, from fewer bugs, better hardware compatibility, reduced CPU usage, and a more modern code base.
  • It is nice to see Ubuntu make this transition, especially since one of my favorite Linux distros Fedora  did it in 2021.

PulseAudio 16


  • Anyone remember Pulse? 
  • The only thing of mild interest (for me) is the increased flexibility for module-jackdbus-detect. 
  • You can now load the sink and source independently. 
  • And it can be loaded more than one allowing for different configs. 
  • This is a nice new feature:. If a bluetooth device supports battery level reporting, PulseAudio now is able to forward the information to other software.

Minty Shift


  • The creator of the wonderful backup system snapshot software for Linux, Timeshift, sadly has to stop working on the project.
  • But, the wonderful Linux distribution Linux Mint will take over development of the Timeshift backup Tool.
  • Timeshift is central to Linux Mint’s backup and update strategy.
  • And many people like me love that Linux Mint, not only includes it out of the box, but encourages new users to use it.
  • Timeshift is becoming an official member of the XApp family of software.
  • The XApp software is Linux Mint’s collection of home-grown software it designs and develops to be distro-agnostic for widest possible use.

AI webcams


  • Real-time deepfakes for virtual cameras.
  • If you get a video call from your boss telling you to send a money transfer, it’s 100% legit
  • With the increase of usage of webRTC and web based video protocols, this can be a serious problem for security.
  • Many people are using video avatars for their video streams already, and using this form of video calling technology is a  criminal’s next step.
  • The dot application can make us aware of how this technology can be abused and help us to come up with solutions to prevent it.

Slice of Pi

Orange Pi 


  • The Orange Pi 800 looks distinctly like my Raspberry Pi 400, except for the Orange color and double the #.
  • And it has an onboard speaker, a headphone jack and a full size HDMI port, unlike the Raspberry Pi 400.
  • And, honestly, I think it was a great idea to include a VGA port to connect to older monitors which schools often have.
  • Unlike the 400 the little guy sports a Rockchip RK3399.
  • 6-cores with 4GB of LPDDR. 
  • It has been around for around 6 years. 
  • Supports 4K@60fps output. 
  • Runs Chromium or Orange Pi OS. 
  • Orange Pi hasn’t released pricing or availability yet, but its website shows a currently dead link for the keyboard being sold via Amazon.

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