LWDW 279: Freenode Kills #Linux

Freenode seizes the largest community channel left! Vivaldi 4.0 avoids the bloat, JingPad launches an IndieGoGo for their Linux powered tablet, and Raspberry Pi’s keep astronauts awake at night.



00:00 Intro
04:45 Freenode kills #Linux
05:55 Freenode nukes it all
10:50 Vivaldi 4.0
16:50 JingPad launches IndieGoGo
24:10 7 year old Linux bug patched
27:05 Vtuber Webcam
32:00 Introducing OBS basics
37:55 RasPi in space
39:45 RasPi 400 added to Linux kernel

Colour key: Venn Pedro Jill

Freenode strikes again


  • They yoinked the big one. 
  • Then they accidentally kicked the users. 
  • OMG!  Freenode kicked out one of the most active communities on IRC!
  • Is Freenode expecting this bad press to be good for them in the long run or what?  


And again



  • Wanna bet they no longer have anyone who knows how to control the IRCd they’re currently running.
  • All irc developers have basically refused to help andrew.
  • All channels and users are completely non-existent. Any existing community which still existed on freenode no longer does. 
  • Look at this graph
  • Freenode states:
    • “It’s a new genesis for a new era. Thank you for using freenode, and Hello World, from the future. freenode is IRC. freenode is FOSS. freenode is freedom.”
    • Freenode, then why did you not inform your bread and butter open source communities to what you were planning to do earlier instead of violently kicking them out?
    • I trusted Freenode with my name and password for years, and here at our LinuxGameCast IRC.
    • Not anymore!
  • It’s proper dead now: 
  • They stuck a fork in it


Vivaldi 4.0


  • Dark theme and it gives you the option to not install the extra nonsense. 
  • I was worried they were going to try and push that.
  • Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Feed Reader and Vivaldi Calendar. 
  • Like all things Vivaldi it looks and functions like a normal browser if you disable the nonsense. 
  • Vivaldi translate works great, and is their own built-in, privacy-friendly translation feature, powered by Lingvanex and hosted by Vivaldi.
  • And away from the hands of Microsoft and Google.
  • The independent and privacy conscious Vivaldi is my favorite Chromium based web browser, and I am using it for my show notes right now.
  • I was reminded of how to disable translation offers for websites
  • That was probably one of the first legitimate use pop-ups I remember, back in the day, and here I am in 2021 still being annoyed by it.
  • I don’t like their fear mongering booga booga marketing tactic.
  • The FTC issued a request, that’s it.  




  • The JingPad A1, powered by JingOS Linux, and the world’s first consumer-level linux tablet we have been talking about here on LWDW has launched their IndieGogo campaign.
  • And San Francisco based Jingling Tech, not surprisingly, has well surpassed their flexible goal of $20k, at just over $55k with 61 days left.
  • Starting at $549 you can get a JingPad + JingPad Pencil.
  • The T-shirt at $99 is a bit steep though.
  • Wow, it looks beautiful, and I love how it magnetizes to the keyboard cover and folds up so nicely!
  • A $20K flex goal usually means the device is ready; and they need to cover some of the distribution and logistics. 
  • $549 is a big ask for an untested product. 
  • Also, hi! JingOS team. 
  • You follow me on Youtube. 
  • It looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.
  • I can’t justify §500 on a tablet… Or anything IT related for that matter, you can blame NVidia for that.
  • I am also curious to see just how much it “calls home”.


7 year old bug patched


  • The bug had a Vulcan Pon farr and wanted to mate, but got nuked instead, LOL ;-)
  • If you follow any kind of Linux news, or tech pages on social media, you saw everyone screaming about a 7 year old privilege escalation bug in Linux.
  • Those outlets only learned of it after it was already patched.
  • But it had been a solid week and a half since the last round of FUD, so I guess they were due some more bs-mongering clicks.





  • It’s kinda useless without a preset for manbearpig.
  • Full body tracking?
  • No, it’s just face, hands and head.
  • Made with Panda3D
  • Also not open sauce!
  • It uses the VRM – 3D Avatar File Format for VR, 3D model import.
  • Not to be confused with the older VRML 3D web format from back in the day!
  • Tools like this have been popping up everywhere ever since VRChat has become wildly popular.


OBS HDMI audio & webcams


  • I’m working on an OBS Linux basics series. 
  • No goofy YTuber nonsense, no rabbling, just facts.
  • Starting off with getting audio from USB HDMI capture cards & webcams.
  • Sounds like a strange place to start but it’s the question I’ve been asked the most. 
  • Capturing from a gaming console or dual PC streaming setup? 
  • Give it a look. 
  • I want your OBS Linux questions and they may end up in future videos. 
  • Leave them on the YouTube video. 

Slice of Pi

Space Pi 


  • The Astro Pi has too much rainbow vomit which keeps the astronaut from sleeping, LOL.


Official Pi400


  • Yeh, now my Raspberry Pi 400 has mainline Linux kernel support with the upcoming Linux kernel release 5.14.
  • So now there can be support from all Linux distros if the developers take advantage of it.
  • I guess the differences between the 400 and the 4 were significant enough to justify this.
  • This is all basically to account for the higher CPU clock, different Wi-Fi chip, no activity LED, and the actual power button.

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