Raspberry Pi 5 Availability And Sneaky Ubuntu

The Cube is headed to Plasma 6! Firefox 119 learns how to edit PDFs, how Ubuntu snuck into high-end Dell laptops, and the Raspberry Pi 5 begins to ship.


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00:00 Intro
00:00 All them ads
02:18 KDE Cube in Plasma 6
05:28 How Ubuntu snuck into DELL laptops
11:32 Firefox 119
14:15 Pi 5 begins to ship
15:35 Pi 5 scalping beings
19:30 Pi 5 vs Orange Pi 5

KDE Cube 



  • So you remember the Compiz 3D Desktop Cube effect we could show off to our friends to demonstrate the power of Linux, and make Windows users jealous?
  • Well, now it is available for KWin and the KDE Plasma desktop.
  • To enable the Cube effect go to System Settings>Workspace Behavior>Desktop Effects and select it from the menu.
  • And then it can be activated with the Meta+C keyboard shortcut.
  • You will have to have at least 3 virtual desktops activated to enable the Cube effect.
  • You rotate the cube by clicking the LMB and dragging with your mouse, and then hit LMB to switch to the desired virtual desktop.
  • You can also use the left or right arrows to rotate the cube, and hit enter, space or return to switch virtual desktops.
  • Some of the settings you can change are:  Cube face displacement, Distance, a Background plain color, or you can add a Skybox. 
  • There are instructions for installing it on Ubuntu, Fedora and Arch on the GitHub page here in our show notes.
  • This was merged into master two days ago. 
  • It will soon be a part of the default KDE experience. 

Sneaky Ubuntu 


    • Getting a laptop without Windows from a retailer was no small task back in 2012. 
    • Even today you’re going to end up searching for a “developer edition” or “Pro” if you want a Linux lappy from DELL>. 
    • But you can at least get one and not have to drop out of college
    • This is thanks to the work of Barton George and a small internal team that was at times two people and a dog. 
    • Barton rang up Ubuntu and they got all the drivers working on an XPS system that was launched for 10% off. 
    • They expected 300 orders but ended up with 6K. 
    • That was enough signal for DELL to move on the project and it went from skunkworks to product in 9 months. 
    • We have been talking about Barton George and his “Project Sputnik ” and its progress since I have been here on LWDW since 2018.
    • It is amazing what he and his team has achieved.
    • One of my favorite quotes from Barton George in the blog about the Dell Ubuntu developer laptop key to success:
  • “We created a rough image that people could use on the XPS 13. Developers could download it and start working on it. We told people there were a  lot of caveats, and it wasn’t an official release nor supported. But the key thing here is while you couldn’t do this with consumers, with developers — who knew it was a beta– then you’re okay. And, we had most of the bugs worked out.”

Firefox 119


  • The Mozilla Firefox 119 web browser is now available to download, with some cool new features!
  • So one of my favorite new features are the improvements to the Firefox View panel, which you select by hitting the Firefox icon in the top left corner of your tabs.
  • Firefox View lets you access pages from other devices, such as your phone, or another computer that is turned on:
    • It now shows recently closed tabs and browsing history, which you can organize by date or site.
    • And it adds support for viewing all open tabs from all windows.
    • And all the tabs from all synced devices.
  • Firefox 119 lets you import your Chrome extensions, at least the ones that are available on the Firefox Add-ons site.
  • This release also now allows the ability to edit PDFs by adding images, in addition to adding drawings and text. 

Slice of Pi

Pi 5 Release & Bench Pi (RTheren)



  • 4 and 8Gb Pi’s will start showing up next week.
  • Well, if you preordered. 
  • But what about speed?
  • RasPi.com has taken the time to benchmark the Pi 5 against the Pi 4. 
  • Brace yourselves, it’s faster. 
  • There are links to a few other outlets that have benchmarked the Pi 5 as well.  
  • Pi 5 vs Orange 5 is good to look at
  • Depending on how availability shakes out the Pi 5 has a good price performance ratio.
  • In the past four years companies like OrangePi and Rock Pi have caught up and taken the raw performance lead.
  • It is interesting that the Raspi 5 Single-Core Score performance is better than the Orange Pi 5b’s, this is probably due to the higher clock speed of the RasPi 5 at 2.40 GHz vs the Orange Pi 5b’s 1.80 GHz.
  • And Multi-Core Scores of the Orange Pi 5b being higher than the Raspi 5 doesn’t surprise me because the Orange Pi 5b has 8 threads, as opposed to the RasPi 5’s 4 threads.
  • I have noticed a huge speed increase with my RasPi 5, just using the desktop and surfing web pages, compared to my Raspberry Pi 400 which I had overclocked from 1.8 GHz to 1.9 GHz when I got it back in 2020.
  • By the end of the year, after all backorders are filled, you should be able to go to the nearest Micro Center and grab a RasPi 5!
  • I was just at Micro Center a few weeks ago and the Raspberry Pi booth was pretty empty, but they were already putting up signs for the RasPi 5 in anticipation.