Focusrite Supports Linux Developer & Ubuntu Flutters

Ubuntu 23.10 ‘Mantic Minotaur’ is out! Focusrite helps out a Linux developer, Debian Bookworm powered PiOS, and self-hosting your own WebRTC server.


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00:00 Intro
02:27 Intel ARC 770 Linux update
09:38 System reboots with Kernel 5.6 and firewire
11:46 Floppy camera lens
13:09 Ubuntu 23.10
15:49 Focusrite helps with Linux fundraiser
20:13 Bookworm for Raspberry Pi
21:46 Jitsi Raspberry Pi server
27:18 Credits

FireWire and kernel 6.5 PSA

  • VIA Firewire cards are causing random system reboots with kernel 6.5. 
  • It could be the Asmedia chipset causing the issue. 

Ubuntu 23.10

  • Ubuntu 23.10 ‘Mantic Minotaur’ has been released, and now available to download!
  • This is a short term release with 9 months of support, with all the latest and greatest drivers and Linux kernel that Ubuntu can offer.
  • Ubuntu 23.10 is using Linux Kernel 6.5, and Mesa 23.2, which is the latest stable release of Mesa with updated Vulkan and OpenGL drivers.
  • It features the latest GNOME 45 desktop environment, which features a Keyboard backlight quick setting, a new activities and camera indicator, and revamped Settings and Nautilus file manager apps.
  • I installed Ubuntu 23.10 on my new pink video podcasting rig I just showed with a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU, 32 GBs of RAM with an ASRock Phantom Gaming OC Intel Arc A770 16GB GPU!
  • Ubuntu 23.10 was installed alongside my Pop!_OS 22.04 installed on this machine.
  • I really liked the speed and simplicity of the flutter installer, it even asked if I would like to upgrade it on GitHub before installing.
  • And the flutter based App Center loads so much faster than the previous Ubuntu App Center.  It is also pleasing to the eye and much more organized.
  • Overall, I really like the fit, polish and speed of Ubuntu 23.10.
  • And my Intel Arc GPU is running beautifully on Ubuntu 23.10’s Wayland and Pipewire!

Focusrite drivers

  • Geoffrey started work on the Gtk4 GUI for Focusrite Scarlett last year. 
  • It supports Gen 2/3 and Clarett interface with an internal mixer / routing. 
  • Last month he launched a gofundme to pick up some Gen 4 interfaces. 
  • At the end of last week Focusrite made the final pledge. 
  • They rang him up and discussed ways to help with future development. 
  • This comes after years of ignoring any request for Linux support. 
  • Thanks Presonus! 
  • Freakin awesome Presonus.  Thank you for supporting the open source software that makes your hardware work on Linux!
  • The alsa-scarlett-gui looks beautiful, and the patch bay looks a lot more modern than QjackCtl.

Wormy Pi

  • A new version of the Raspberry Pi OS has been released, and this one is based on Debian Bookworm.
  • And there are some major changes to the Raspberry Pi desktop.
  • It is using Wayland instead of the X11 display server.
  • The compositor was switched from Mutter to Wayfire.
  • Wayfire uses the wlroots Wayland library.
  • And when you boot Raspberry Pi OS on a Pi 4 or Pi 5 you will be using a Wayfire desktop.
  • There is a new “Power” plugin which monitors for power supply problems, like USB over current.
  • And a new “GPU” plugin that works like the “CPU” plugin which gives you a graph of the load on the RasPi’s GPU.
  • And PipeWire is the new audio server.
  • NetworkManager replaces dhcpcd.
  • NetworkManager has more robust features, such as being able to connect to hidden wireless networks, connecting to VPNs, and being able to use the Raspberry Pi as a hotspot.
  • And a Raspberry Pi optimized version of Mozilla Firefox! 

Jitsi Pi

  • In 2020 someone managed to trick a Raspberry Pi into running a Jitsi server. 
  • It required compiling and repackaging java and prayer, but it worked.
  • By worked I mean it functioned on a LAN with a self-signed certificate. 
  • However, in August of 2021 Jitsi added official support for arm64.
  • Around this time a RasPi 4 8GB would set you back $180. 
  • Fortunately nature is healing.
  • You can get an old, crusty, last-gen Pi 4 for around MSRP so it was time to revisit the project. 
  • It works, does not explode.