Windows AI Studio Requires Linux

Fedora Asahi Remix 39 is out! Windows AI Studio is powered by Linux, keeping FireWire interfaces out of landfills, and a Pi powered media server that’s a real Blockbuster.


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00:00 Intro
01:59 SQL EOL
04:29 Microsoft AI studio
06:32 Keeping firewire out of landfills with Linux
12:11 Fedora Asahi Remix 39
18:07 Pi powered Jellyfin

Lindows AI

  • Microsoft released a new tool that helps developers jumpstart local AI development and deployment on Windows.
  • According to MS “Getting started with AI development locally on Windows is easier and faster than ever”
  • It’s a new AI experience ™ that will simplify AI app development. 
  • They are even working on a Windows AI VS Code extension! 
  • So how do you test out this super fantastic tool from Microsoft?
  • Step 1? Install Linux.
  • Windows AI Studio requires WSL Ubuntu 18.4 or greater. 
  • And it requires Visual Studio Code to be installed, as it is a preview packaged as a VS Code Extension.
  • Also, only Nvidia GPUs are supported.
  • Thanks to Sourav Rudra for giving Venn a shoutout from Venn’s post on Mastodon, which inspired Rudra to take on the Windows AI Studio adventure.
  • Another example of Microsoft ❤️ 🐧!


The first FireWire interface

  • Back in the day we had PCI sound cards. 
  • All was well until companies started making systems without expansion slots. 
  • USB 1.1 existed but it was extra bad for just about everything. 
  • Apple started slapping firewire ports in their Cubes and laptops so MOTU tried a thing. 
  • Sending audio over the firewire. 
  • In 2001 they released the 828. 
  • A 1U steel box capable of 24-bit recording and a whopping 18 simultaneous inputs and outputs. 
  • Linux is known for running older hardware so it should work, right?
  • But can you still use it in 2023? 


ChristBASHTree 🎄

  • Since the Holidays are upon us once again, I have decided to decorate my desktop for the festive season.
  • And one of my favorite Linux scripts that is adorning my Linux terminal right now is a Christmas Tree twinkling made in Bash.
  • It is called the ChristBASHTree script, or for English, and for Spanish.
  • A beautiful ASCII tree with random light bulbs designated as “O” pop up flickering in multiple colors all over the tree.
  • And the words “MERRY CHRISTMAS And lots of CODE in 2024” is written underneath the tree. 
  • It is available via CURL, Wget, Docker or as a Git clone.


Fedora Asahi Remix

  • Fedora Asahi Remix 39 is now generally available.
  • All MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Studio and iMac systems with M1 and M2 chips are supported. 
  • Ships with Wayland & Plasma. 
  • The most polished Linux distro for the Apple Silicon M1 and M2 macs is finally here!
  • Introducing Fedora Asahi Remix based on Fedora Linux 39, which is extremely zippy and has excellent 64-bit ARM support.
  • Here on LWDW, we covered when the Fedora Asahi Remix beta was announced back in August, and we talked about that the new Asahi Linux flagship distribution would be the Fedora Asahi Remix.
  • And now it has officially been released as a stable release.
  • KDE Plasma is the flagship desktop environment, with complete Wayland support, audio support and OpenGL 3.3 support.
  • And GNOME 45 is also fully supported.
  • And one of the best features of all, is that the team has built a custom Calamares-based initial setup wizard for easy installation.
  • All you have to do to install Fedora Asahi Remix from macOS is run “curl | sh”.  That’s it!

Slice of Pi

Jelly VHS (RTheren)

  • If you like to keep your digital media stored at home you probably already know about Jellyfin. 
  • It’s like PLEX, but better. 
  • You remember PLEX, right? It was a relic of the past, like Blockbuster video. 
  • U:FluffyMumbles decided to build a Jelly server inside a Blockbuster VHS cassette. 
  • Using a Zero 2 W, hot glue, bad soldering, grinding, and no small amount of prayer. 
  • It’s a custom job built with bits laying around the house. 
  • What a nice way to upcycle a VHS case!