The End Of Exclusives & Battlemage GPUs Confirmed!

Exclusive deals are drying up for indie developers, Phil says “yes” to third-party stores on Xbox, Intel Battlemage spotted in the wild, and SDL3 vs. Wayland.


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00:00 Intro
01:04 Wearing an eye patch
02:34 Steam on XBOX will never happen
11:51 Slice & Dice
17:09 Dragons Legacy
18:49 Decline of quality on Steam
20:13 Skullgirls Marie
22:30 Why didn’t Skullgirls take off?
25:37 Intel Battlemage benchmarks
30:49 Wayland vs SDL
37:06 New rendering engine for Wesnoth
39:47 WTF is The Mirror?
42:54 Discord sucks?
46:26 RIP exclusive game deals
59:58 GPU Waifu

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News


  • Supreme XoverloadX Phil Spencer was asked if he could envision other storefronts coming to the xbox.

  • “Yes” was the answer.

  • I mean, X86 is X86… unless it’s not.

  • Is becoming a general-purpose media / gaming PC the final YOLO for xbox?

  • Sony ain’t ever gonna do that.

Steam: New Games

Slice & Die

  • This is the one game I’ve played on my phone for a long, long time.

  • If you’ve been looking for a game to play on your touchscreen enabled laptop or x86 tablet, this one will do it.

  • Those minimum requirements are legit.

  • I’ve had the Android version also installed on the passively cooled Celeron Chromebook in `Waydroid, and it plays without issue.

  • Oh shit the soundtrack has Ziggurath on it?

  • This looks like some dicey dungeons crack and it’s right up my alley.

  • Linux demo is borked but smash that proton button and I got sucked

  • Demo does not launch unless you tap the Proton button.

  • Tutorial did a good job of showing the mechanics.

  • Big PS1 vibes.

Dragons Legacy

Steam: Game Updates

The Actual Skullgirl

  • You can play as the current Skullgirl now.

  • Those status symbols on Valentine’s needle projectile would have been useful a few years ago when I was actively playing the game.

  • Guest star for the mobile version is called Minette, which is just 1 T too many off of the Portuguese word for cunilingus.

  • Shcmancy new palette swaps for all the characters

  • The heavy is now an announcer

  • It’s been a few patches now and I just gotta say this is how you get a return on investment for actually baking Linux support in your engine.

  • Strange this game never took off when all the other weeb fighters did.

  • Averaging around 100 players these days.


Battle Digits

  • Someone lit up an engineering prototype.

  • 24 core and 12GB of memoryram.

  • Proof that Xe2 exists and that’s about it.

  • Probably still in the smoke-test phase of PCB layout and thermal design.

  • Now, fix your AMD quality compute stack… and toss in some fan controls.

  • Two flavours of the Mage.

  • HPG “High-Performance Graphics” and integrated LPG “Low-Power Graphics” designs.

  • That representative graph for the mpix/s result is missing the A380.

  • And the two battlemage results seem to land exactly where you’d expect the A380 to be.

SDL v. Wayland (mirppc)

  • Long and fruitful discussions were had

  • Gamescope has the correct fifo and commit timing support, others do not. This can create GPU bottlenecks

  • For now, if the compositor offers fifo-v1 and commit-timing-v1, SDL3 will default to wayland. Otherwise it falls back on X.

  • We are absolutely accepting they are unfixable right now yes, because they are”

    • One and done.

  • If you are using X11 without a compositor, you will be throttled to 1Hz when your window is occluded, however if you are using a native Wayland window and are occluded, you will never be able to make forward progress at all, and your application will stall forever.”

    • That is something you probably want to avoid.

  • This is a big enough kick in the shins to get all the balls rolling on the different wayland compositors/mesa.

  • From what Detective Conan was saying, there wasn’t an awareness that this was a problem… at all, from the look of things

  • Still not having proper Steam overlay and Steam Input for wayland native applications was a bit of a shocker!

  • It’s going to be interesting to see what ends up replacing X11.

Wesnoth 1.18

  • Wesnoth actually has a pretty decent release cadence of about 1 a year. Much faster than I would have guessed

  • One brand new campaign and two existing campaigns get a large overhaul

  • Watch your match history

  • Built in cheebos

  • New rendering engine comes with a 60% boost in FPS.

  • You can find people you have previously played online with.


  • XKCD 927 Intensifies

  • In principle, a from the ground up FLOSS version of this isn’t the worst idea, if only to provide the minetest hipstery option

  • Step 1: get fucked

  • Step 1 should never be join the echo chamber

  • Step 1 should be read the docs/source

  • But who’s going to actively, exploitatively, market “The Mirror” to children?

  • Having an open editor for Forkknife and Robux is not a bad idea.

  • Built with a custom fork of GOTDOT.

Exclusive report

  • Epic posted losses and they cut back the excwoosives, awwww.

  • Microsoft is slowly starting to realize that having excwoosives does not an Xbox sell.

    • I also love the fact they were all about the Xbox having the newest Bethesda RPG, and then Starfield revealed itself to be peak Bethesda levels of mediocre and bug ridden.

  • Those sweetheart deals were never going to last forever

  • Are we gonna start seeing gamepass go up in price? Is epic gonna stop the free games?

  • Was that the only thing really keeping these platforms relevant?

    • Microsoft can theoretically pump infinite money into Xbox, but Tencent might want some ROE.

  • Being able to cut a deal with whothehellever have allowed some developers to “break even” on games before release.

  • Epic and Microsoft are taking the bold stance of throwing money at walls and seeing what sticks.

  • Traditionally, exclusive games are made to sell platforms e.g. hardware or store.

  • Those games were typically higher quality joints.

  • Making small indie titles exclusives never made a lot of sense to me in the first place.

Hate Mail:

GPU waifu