Nvidia Hires Nouveau Developer – LWDW #419

Orange Pi gets professional, GO powered desktops, Linux hand gestures, and a former Nouveau developer joins team green.


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00:00 Intro
02:11 Nouveau developer joins team green
05:00 FyneDesk DM
10:21 Linux hand gestures
14:24 Orange Pi Pro

Ben from Nouveau


    • We talked about the Nouveau kernel driver maintainer Ben Skeggs a few months ago.
    • He decided to call it quits after years of reverse engineering work on Nvidia GPU drivers. 
    • It came out of nowhere for those of us keeping track of such things. 
    • Welp. he just posted a set of 156 patches to the kernel. 
    • It’s a collection of Nouveau GSP bits and general code cleanup. 
    • It would appear Ben is back!
    • With a new email address. 
    • I have to imagine there has been a lot of “oh, that’s how that works” going on as of late. 
    • So last September we had talked about Benn Skeggs stepping down as the Nouveau maintainer.
    • Well, the cool thing is that he is back working on it again!
    • And just sent 156 new Nouveau GSP patches to the Linux kernel.
    • Benn states:
  • “The main intention here is to replace the ioctl-like interface that

sits between NVKM and the nouveau DRM driver with more direct calls, to reduce the call-chain complexity (and overhead).”




  • Have you been looking for a Linux desktop environment in Go?
  • Welp, I got just the thing. 
  • This i s part of FyshOS, an OS built using the Fyne toolkit. 
  • Arandr for display management, xbacklight for brightness control, connman for the wi-fi, and compton for compositing. 
  • Yeah, this is X, not Wayland. 
  • It’s under development so you can use fynedesk_runner to recover from crashes without losing where you left off. 
  • FyneDesk reminds me of a bit of the Afterstep X window manager.
  • The layout consists of an app bar and a task bar.
  • There is a nice system settings window where you can change font size, system color, adjust keyboard shortcuts, add apps to the App Bar and choose between a dark and light theme.
  • The FyshOS live and install ISO uses Debian 12 as its base.
  • Also, as most X window manager environments go, FyneDesk is very lightweight.




  • Control Linux-based operating systems using hand gestures.
  • This uses a webcam to map custom commands to your hand wiggles. 
  • It’s using the hand gesture recognition model provided by the Google MediaPipe project.
  • Some of the defaults include throwing the goat for firefox, fisting to shutdown, volume thumbs, and okay for bluetooth connect. 
  • Shotty pew pew opens steam. 
  • How about a gesture for sudo, I can think of one. 
  • Or something that would wipe your system, what would that gesture be? 
  • This is another great new tool for accessibility on Linux, especially for those that have a hard time using the mouse or the keyboard.
  • It could see GestureX being used with sign language to launch apps.
  • Be careful not to make an “rm -rf” gesture LOL

Slice of Pi

Orange Pi 5 Pro



  • The Orange Pi 5 Pro has just been released, and includes 16gig of RAM out of the box for a reasonable price.
  • It can be had for $127.99 at Amazon or $109 at AliExpress.
  • With other variants that are cheaper coming soon, an 8GB for $80 and a 4GB for $60.
  • It also has an M.2 NVMe slot on the back, and doesn’t require a separate NVMe SSD hat like the Raspberry Pi 5 does.
  • The Orange Pi 5 Pro has support for the Orange Pi OS Android based, Orange Pi OS Arch based, Ubuntu, Debian, and Android 12 operating systems, which are available on Orange Pi’s download page.
  • More specs:
    • Rockchip RK3588S 8-core 64-bit processor up to 2.4 GHz
      • Embedded with 6 TOPS computing power NPU, suitable for developing AI applications
    • Arm Mali-G610 MP4 GPU with support for up to 8K@60Hz via HDMI 2.1
    • 3.5mm audio jack with headphone and microphone support
    • Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port
    • 40-pin header
    • Supports USB Type-C power supply
  • Being able to get a Ryzen 5 2400 X86 micro PC for $100 has knocked most of the excitement for SBCs out of me as of late.