Editing With Davinci Resolve

We’ve recently switched from Kdenlive to DaVinci Resolve for editing.

While this is by no means intended to be a guide it should give you an idea of how we stitch together an episode of LinuxGameCast Weekly.

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OSG Mahjong Reaches 1.0

From opengamestudio.org: So, the time for OGS Mahjong 1.0 release has finally come. For the last several months we have been polishing the gameplay and fixing bugs. Since it’s mostly a bugfix-release, we didn’t add many …

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Stunt Rally 1.7 Drifts In

About Car simulation is done by VDrift a great game by itself, also using bullet. Rendering is done by OGRE, trees/grass by PagedGeometry, Gui by MyGUI. The road is based on a 3D spline and it’s fully customizable in editor. For more info, read …

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