OSG Mahjong Reaches 1.0

From opengamestudio.org:

So, the time for OGS Mahjong 1.0 release has finally come. For the last several months we have been polishing the gameplay and fixing bugs. Since it’s mostly a bugfix-release, we didn’t add many new features.



  • Starting, finishing, pause and unpause camera animations.
  • A lot of fixes to increase the game stability.
  • Totally new Help and Tutorial interfaces.
  • Tha game now asks the user whether he likes or dislikes the dynamic camera.
  • New tilesets: “Flowers” and “Neo-Classic”.
  • The old “Cube” background has been removed. “Room Lite” and “Inside the computer” backgrounds were added.
  • Thanks to Miguel de Dios, the game now has the spanish translation.
  • Added a button to access statistics screen from the win and loss screens.
  • A bug with incorrect tile selection was fixed.
  • Mode and difficulty filters were added to statistics screen.
  • Autodetection of video settings during the first start has been slightly improved.
  • Layout editor has been improved.
  • Download 1.0 version

For Linux64, with editor and additional music (tar.lzma)(105 Mb)
For Linux32 (tar.lzma)(36.5 Mb)
For Linux32, with editor and additional music (tar.lzma)(105 Mb)

Website: opengamestudio.org


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