1. The display quality for both B-Reels was good. However, I noticed that the Aquaria B-Reel played very smoothly, while the Neverball B-Reel was choppy. It looked more like a rapid series of still images than a video, although audio was smooth and played through cleanly. I guess my poor netbook just couldn’t handle the processing and was dropping frames like crazy.

    • Ah, yes. The first WebM encode was done @ 15Mb/s second. Aquaria was 8Mb/s. The CPU really needs to give it the beans for 15 Neverball. Seems YouTube does not re-encode WebM (resizes it?) but from now on everything should be solid around the 8Mb/s area.

      Soon I will offer universal format download for each video. You can have a look at the two test formats on the EP09 page.

      Thanks again for the feedback, it’s genuinely helpful,

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