TuxKart and tacos

Wow, the response from the SuperTuxKart video was unexpected. LinuxGames, JeuxLinux, and Gaming On Linux screamed in our direction. Thanks guys, that was greatly appreciated. Today I hammered out the M.A.R.S. B-Reel video. I have nothing but good things to say about this quirky little 2D shooter. Doubly so considering it’s still in alpha. Is “Doubly” a real word?

This week I will be working on a how-to for installing Open Clonk from source. Don’t worry, I will make it as painless as possible ;)

Ever wonder where I stick this train wreck known as L.G.C. together? No? Well, here it is anyway. Should help explain the bouncing.

On that note, I’m looking for used hardware. Right now L.G.C. is cranked out on a repurposed HTPC box (AMD X2 2.8 / NVIDIA 9500 GT). Not looking for donations; but if you have a AMD X3/4 CPU laying about or something faster than the 9500 send me a note. I would rather buy from you guys/gals vs. the crapshoot known as EBay.

Giving grammar NAZIS aneurysms since 1989,

I lied about the tacos, sorry.

  1. What about buying the hardware not used but new?
    They’re not thaat expensive.
    Check (comparison) tests / benchmarks and check a price products portal (whatever they’re called in english).
    Where are you from?

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