It’s over X6 THOUSAND

So, anyone notice a had a little falling out /w/ Ubuntu? Yeah, sorry about all that random rage but I’m allowed one meltdown per year.

Good news is the Fedora box is ready for game capture. I hammered out the last audio issues /w/ GLC and Yukon today. Hell, I even got OpenShot running (no small task under Fedora) along with a fresh git build of ffmpeg. Then I broke down and spent some wet stinky cash on a new AMD Phenom II X6 for the render box. That means (FSM I love AMD) I can put the X4 640 in the capture box. Anyone need a slightly used X2 240? $40; own a piece of history! :D

This will allow us/me to capture games that are heavy on the maths. VDrift, TORCS, Nebulous etc…

Sorry about the lack of video blog; but I have some neat games in the pipeline for this weekend.



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