L.G.C. – Video Blog 10 – On it

I know most of the youtube critters don’t care for these; but it’s OK. These exist for updating the goings on at L.G.C.

Just a note explaining the delay in the latest L.G.C. Been doing some voice acting for a few FOSS/FLOSS games. Yes, I also rant on the turbo crash feature of OpenShot and compare it to KDENlive.

Still love it,

  1. have you tried using Blender’s video editing capabilities for this? I realize it is known for its steep learning curve but it is quite feature-full and doesn’t seem to crash as often as Openshot or KDEnlive

    • *pulls out Blender book of how-to from 1999* First, I thank you for the reply. Second, if I wanted to use a self inducing aneurysm of an application I would use CinelerraCV. As it stands OpenShot has the best production/crash ratio.

      Blender is fantastic for 3D model/animations. Games? meh (yo-frankie, that other game) indeed. Really, “that other game” was not mentioned with malice :)

  2. Yeah, I use PiTiVi for quick and dirty editing, or for splicing stuff together into one video, but it has none of the advanced features that KDEnlive and OpenShot have. Here’s hoping they send out an update that squashes all the bugs (or most of the serious ones, in any case).

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