OpenMW 0.16.0 Released

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.16.0! Release packages for Ubuntu are now available via our Launchpad PPA. Release packages for other platforms are available on our Download page.This version includes the Spell Window, Alchemy Window, and a myriad of fixes and improvements.

You can watch the OpenMW (Open Morrowind) Linux how-to here.

0.16.0 screenshots: 

Known Issues:

  • Some objects/models show up with completely black textures. Use OpenGL as your renderer or disable shaders under [Objects] in the config file.
  • Inputting player -> addspell -NonExistingSpell- makes the command window throw “Error in framelistener: object -NonExistingSpell- not found” continuously. It will also prevent you from moving.


  • Added Spell Window
  • Added Alchemy Window
  • Added support for x.y script sytax
  • Weapon and spell icons now update to reflect the selected weapon and spell
  • Added in-game settings window
  • Launcher now saves user-set renderer settings
  • Fixed a crash on OSX due to underwater effets
  • Fixed auto-equipping not working in some cells
  • Fix for container GUI ignoring disabled inventory menuBug #294: Container GUI ignores disabled inventory menu
  • Fix for stats review dialog showing all skills and attribute values as 0
  • Fixes for several crashes
  • Implemented game modes as a stack to prevent erratic behavior
  • Added tooltips to class creation dialog
  • Added support for show/hiding windows by clicking HUD elements
  • Added support for corect player direction after using a Teleport Door
  • Added support for selecting objects in the console by clicking them in the scene
  • Added support the use of = as a synonym for ==
  • Sped up script object access
  • Restructured enabling/disabling of objects by script instruction
  • Integrated ogre.cfg file in settings file
  • Auto-close windows if a related MW-reference is no longer available
  • Fix for bonuses in the character creation process



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