OpenMW v0.18.0 – Initial AI Framework, Level-Up, Key Re-binding And More

From the OpenMW blog: Release packages for Ubuntu are now available via our Launchpad PPA. Release packages for other platforms are available on our Download page. This version introduces a myriad of new features, including Level-Up, Key re-binding, Spell buying, eating ingredients, using Keys to open things, and much more. Read on for the full changelog.


Known Issues:

  • The launcher can crash on OS X versions < 10.8, this will be fixed in version 0.19.0
  • “Shaking screen effect” can occur on cell change


  • Implemented Level-Up dialog
  • Implemented Hide Marker, fixes big black blocks
  • Implemented Hotkey dialog
  • Implemented Keyboard and Mouse bindings, input system rewritten
  • Implemented Spell Buying Window
  • Added support for handling resources across multiple data directories
  • Implemented Object Movement/Creation script instructions
  • Initial AI framework implemented
  • Implemented eating Ingredients
  • Implemented Door markers on the local map
  • Implemented using Keys to open doors/containers
  • Implemented Loading screens
  • Implemented Inventory avatar image and race selection head preview (note that only default Dunmer male displays at the moment.
  • Fixed the size of Preferences menu buttons
  • Fixed Hand-to-hand always being 100
  • Fixes for NPC and character animation
  • Fix for sound coordinates
  • Fix for exception when drinking self-made potions
  • Fix for clothes showing up in 1st person
  • Fix for weird character on door tooltips
  • Collision fixes
  • Fix for “onOfferButtonClicked” crash
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