Sintel The Game – Alpha 01 Released

From Sintelgame:
“This is the Alpha version of the game. It contains 3 mini levels. The game’s source is also included, released under the CCBY license.

Only Windows executable files are included – but there is an issue loading the docks level through the exe. To play it, it is best to open sintel_win.blend in Blender (latest version) and run the game there. Runtimes for Linux & OSX can be built from the source.

As development on the game contiunes, the Alpha will be updated here on the blog periodically. All updates (including Beta and Final) will be made available for free.”

Running on Linux:
1. Install Blender
2. Run blenderplayer sintel_win.blend from the sintel_the_game_alpha/sintelthegame/sintel_win/ directory.


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