LinuxGameCast Weekly EP01 — Damn Fast, Baby

NOTE: “The video you uploaded may have audio/video sync issues” and in does. The sync issue should be hammered out next week.

Coming up on this LinuxGamecast Weekly. HIB goes Android for the third time. Asylum interactive demo is out. Force: Leashed, is it really playable? Steam still coming to Linux and Q3rally; it’s damn fast, baby.

HIB Android 3
Fieldrunners / bit.trip beat /SpaceChem / Uplink (Spirits if you pay more)

Asylum Interactive Demo
Asylum, the upcoming horror adventure from Senscape where players will be able to explore at leisure a vast and vivid asylum known as the Hanwell Mental Institute

Force: Leashed – First Person Gravity Fiddler.

Steam coming “soon”

Q3Rally needs some love


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