LinuxGameCast Weekly EP11 — Broccoli Night

Coming up on Linux Gamecast Weekly. Core Breach explodes in more ways than one, is Code Weavers needed? Vessel is still on the horizon, and long aftershow is looooooooooooong.  Oh, don’t forget our Amazon affiliate link.


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  1. I tried submitting this through your submit link but it wasn’t sending properly so I am posting this here hoping you see it.

    Star Citizen (another success story of kickstarter) has a poll on their website to gauge interest in other features to add to the game. They are using CryEngine 3 and one of the poll items is on Linux support. They have mentioned that they have talked to the CryEngine team before and they might/might not already be working on a Mac/Linux port for the engine BUT if the Star Citizen team get enough request, they will push the CryEngine team harder. Here is a link to the poll:

    And here is the Ubuntu Vibes article:

    I am trying to spread this information around as to put more pressure on the CryEngine team.

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