LinuxGameCast Weekly EP13 — A Serious Giveaway

Coming up on this LinuxGameCast Weekly. Is Valve working on a game console? Blizzard admits to banning Linux users, Egosoft porting X3 to Linux and we’re giving away copies of Serious Sam 3 and Ensign-1.

Stick around for our spoiler filled aftershow.




Jordans favoutire game SS3BFE UPDATED!
The guys over at Croteam decided to make the private beta build 172672 for Serious Sam 3: BFE public. This release is open to everyone running a “hacked” Steam client. Update 172672 contains a number of general fixes in the game, as well as some that are specific to the Linux version. If you’re not in the beta you will need to purchase a copy of Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Some of the big ones include:


  • Fixed graphics corruption under OpenGL if game is minimized or “alt-tabbed” while it is loading content.
  • X11 libraries on Linux are now dynamically loaded, so game can properly report and error if something is missing.
  • Dedicated server on Linux no longer requires X11 to be installed.
  • OpenGL library can now load even if some vendor dependent functions are missing.
  • A workaround for CPUs not correctly identifying that the game is running causing jitter.
  • New patch coming next week that should fix MY mouse grab issue /w dual monitors.

ARCH!!1!!1 – No Steam for you?

  • Pierre Schmitz is Worried about license here. We modify and redistribute steam here which is probably not allowed according to 1.B of steam’s license.
  • Daniel Wallace contacted two Valve employees. both of whom said it would be ok to package and distribute steam
  • I figure valve doesn’t really care what their client is running on, as long as people are buying and playing games on steam

Connect the dots: Valve’s Big Picture could be a Linux game console

  • What if instead, Valve was building its own Linux-based operating system? You could call it Steam OS.
  • Is the the interface for the Steam boxen?
  • What’s the under over on seeing a X86 console by the end of 2014?

500 Survey Respondents Added To The Steam Linux Beta This Week AND read-only access (to all group members) to the Limited Beta sub-forum.


  • 500 new people get a golden ticket next week.
  • Steam KNOWS you are “hacking” the beta
  • Instead of banning “hackers” they open read-only access to the official beta forums
  • GG Steam

Gaming News

The plight of the Bumblebee


  • Bumblebee graphics offloading is not easily usable with Steam
  • There is a feature request to Valve to allow prepending wrapper scripts when editing command-line arguments.
  • Today, people just edit game launch scripts

BANNED AGAIN D3 – Linux users are still giving Blizzard money? When will you learn?

PlayOnLinux moderated a new thread to help collect and systematically breakdown some of the bans happening
Additionally, even more Linux users have taken to the WineHQ forums
Most of the Linux users haven’t received a response

One user made whole
“We recently closed the Diablo III license on your account listed above. However, we’ve found evidence that the closure may have been a mistake on our part so we will re-open the license for play as soon as possible. We humbly regret the error and hope that you will accept our sincere apologies.”

  • But is this guy gonna keep from getting rebanned?
  • Really need a press release from Blizz to make a clear and final statement on it.  And test their anti-cheat software gorrammit has the sads – Down for almost a week – IS BACK!!

  • Still down
  • I mean DOWN
  • I can get to the site
  • It’s now – down for over a WEEK

Egosoft porting X3 to Linux – Needs halp!


  • L.G.P. lost the the rights to publish
  • They have decided that the time has come to bring all that good stuff in-house.
  • It will allow us to offer a unified product on Steam, so that you can buy our games once and then play them on different platforms.
  • Looking for someone to help us build on that and enable us to release our own ports of X3:Terran Conflict and X3:Albion Prelude.

Ensign1 – Money and New Ships


  • added currency to the game.
  • Buy upgrades
  • Soon to be added: ability to upgrade your ships systems for more mobility, offense, defense, and larger missile capacity.
  • The multiplayer code has gone under some improvements
  • PvP might be coming in the next update

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