LinuxGameCast Weekly EP14 — Serious Winners

Coming up on this LinuxGameCast Weekly. Valve spares the banhammer. Team Fortress 2 gets fast, and Jordan talks Vertigo. Then we announce our Serious winners.

Stick around for our spoiler filled aftershow.




Minecraft ported to Raspberry Pi

  • From
  • Sent a bunch of boards out to Notch and the guys at Mojang
  • It’s Pocket Edition (Minecrap.  Because you play it on the crapper) which they’re calling  Minecraft: Pi Edition.
  • It’ll be a free download


Primus: Better Performance And Less Power Consumption For Bumblebee

  • When compiling, stick shared objects in /usr/lib{,32,64}/nvidia-bumblebee
  • I should commit a fix to their makefile to make it less dumb

System 76 gaming lappy

  • Core i7
  • nVidia Geforce GTX 670MX or Geforce GTX 680M
  • 8.60 lbs.
  • “Keyboard Lights for Dark Nights” the hell is THAT supposed to mean? Just because I use Linux I spend my nights alone in the DARK?! Yeah, it’s true and all ..but; STILL!
    • Taking it a bit personally much?
  • From $659 – 1.4K stinky cashes


Flixter, Quickster ..whatever it’s called comes to Linux ..kinda

  • It “works”
  • Automatic install of WINE, Sliverlight, FoxFire
  • Video jerks around worse than Michael J. Fox
  • Neat, but not a solution

Steam New Of The Week (remember to do the special A/V edits in post)

It’s Over 5000! Valve Expands Steam Linux Beta

  • From
  • 5K tickets sent out this holiday weekend
  • Outside of posting in the forums what’s the advantage of being in the beta (at this point)
  • Will using the “hacked” version get you banhammered?…

Valve: No banhammer for YOU!

  • From our favourite subreddit linux_gaming
  • Reddit user zuberuber posted his interaction with Steam tech support
  • Steam Tech Human: “No, you won’t be banned for accessing the beta without actually having access”


Steam On Linux: Team Fortress 2 Beta Has Launched For “Hacked” Clients

  • From
  • Steam “accidentally” launched TF2 last Tuesday 11-19
  • Just search for Team Fortress 2 from Steam, click “PLAY GAME”
  • Keep in mind the full download weighs in at 12.0 GB
  • For me it played fine. Slow as balls to load. Jordan?
  • Ran Fairly well.  Can’t test because of carpal tunnel
    • needs libtxc_dxtn.i686 for fedora x64


Some TF2 speed tips

  • From linux_gamnig
  • DX9frames, however, is a best-case scenario for configuration the way Valve had intended it.
  • Incredible difference.
  • Stupid simple install

McDROID: A Tower Defence, Bullet Hell Time Vampire

  • From
  • Alright, but tower defence isn’t really my deal
  • Tachikomas!
  • One of the many Unity engine game showing up
  • Simple at first but gets HARD with a quickness.


Deadlock Game

  • The player’s goal is to reach the top of this tower as quick as possible.
  • Robots and turrets try to knock you off the structure.
  • Had good reviews following the 7 Day FPS Challenge
  • Already funded



  • Simple little time waster.
  • Also reminds me of And Yet It Moves
  • Needs install instruction. No chance in hell novice user would figure that out.
  • Reminds me of a bit of vvvvv and I wanna be the guy


Press W simulator Dear Esther coming to linux

  • It’s a feel good happy fun time simulator

Editors Note:
Desperate Gods ported to Linux in 5 minutes (via the Unity game development platform)

  1. Yay, I win!! 

    Sorry, Jordan. I didn’t mean “dog” in a bad way. You’re obviously human but we still don’t know if you see in full color or if you have the vision of a dog.
    I know the Ghost Busters cartoon you were talking about. I used to watch that shit all the time back in the day. The one with the ape, right?

    In this episode you guess that I have an i3 or i5. I wish. It’s an E6500, which I think came out just before they did all that “i” stuff. Mine has only 2 cores and I think the i[3,5,7] CPUs have 4. I’ll have to upgrade my mother board some day but I’m holding out as long as possible.
    Also, I’m going to post this episode of LGC on Reddit and steal all your precious karma! Good show, guys! I follow /r/linux_gaming religiously but it’s still entertaining to watch people, actual people, talk about something people in the Outernet don’t know about. 

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