McDROID Beta 50% Off On Desura

Remember that tower defense, bullet hell time vampire we screamed about a few weeks back? Well, the good guys at Elefantopia made it available for the unwashed masses. Screech over and pick it up for $14.99 $7.49 on Desura. Includes all updates till release as well as a copy of the final game.


Defend your shuttle against mutants and farm strawberries in this fast-paced action strategy game. Model 1 Farming/Battle-robot McDROID has been knocked off course by space debris and crash lands on the mysterious planet M. There are strawberries aplenty to plunder but they come with a side order of angry creatures! Zap them with that laser on your back. Too many monsters? Deploy your teslas in a defensive perimeter! Not powerful enough? Upgrade all your missiles! Still too tough? Invite your friends for some ass-whooping co-op.



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