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Devel: Elefantopia
Engine: Unity
Price: 19.99 / CDN 21.99 (75% off until the 19th)

Wazzat: A super frantic Arcade Tower Defense, McDROID starts gently then progressively challenges your trigger finger and your wits (and your sanity) as you multitask like a robotic-spider-doggy-thing: running, shooting, building base, herding, healing, harvesting, repairing, planting, upgrading, researching, frying giant snail-hammer-thing with a giant-tesla-on-your-back (it actually happens).

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • Performance is not that great even at 1080P.
  • It struggles to hit 60ferps regulary.
  • At 2160P it will often drop to 20+
  • I’m dinging it a chair for not working /w a contolla plugged in.


  • Network multiplayer is a wee buggy



Shiny / Sounds


  • How far we’ve come.
  • When this game was first in alpha 2013’ish it looked amazeballs for a Linux title.
  • Fast forward to 2016… yeah, not so much.
  • That’s not to say it’s fugly by any measure.
  • In fact, the cartoon cell-shaded aesthetic looks a bit of alright. Hell, it even holds up.
  • The bright colours and detailed environments are a nice change from the bog standard hipster-pixel tower defense games of late.
  • However, the AA is so horrid I want to call it rubbish but that would be an insult to rubbish.
  • The retro-rock soundtrack works for what it is and the limited voice work is borderline entertaining.
  • Menu text is a bit jacked when running at 2160P.


  • There is voice acting.   Its limited and pretty annoying though
  • Nothing wrong about the graphics.   The visuals are consistent, being a game about a cute robot
  • It’s not entirely cell shaded, which can be a little jarring
  • Overall, nothing wrong with it, but nothing to write home about either


  • There’s a slight bug with the sprites, in that the alpha channel is on the same layer as the post processing and it causes some weird squares to show up on screen.
  • Outside of that, the graphics are good enough and the cell shading will ensure it’ll hold up for a few more years.
  • Not complaining about the sounds.
  • We get our share of non-voice-acted games, when they clearly benefited from it and, while this game didn’t exactly need it, it’s a nice touch.




  • Now, it clearly states “QWERTY only and Gamepad not supported” in the sys requirements so I’m not dinging it a chair for that… BUT
  • Having to hunt down +disable_gamepad on to make the damn thing work is not a good start.
  • More importantly this will cause the average user to insta-refund.
  • This is the second game that breaks controls if a gamepad is plugged in.
  • That said the keyboard/gerbil layout is logical and works fine.



  • That full controller support is a lie!
  • Can’t rebind controls.



V-CHAIRCHAIRAsteoid? Asterisk? Clara?

  • It’s TD with nothing new.
  • That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you consider TD the second coming of baby jesus but at 19.99 it’s a tough sell.
  • Once the novelty of collecting strawberries and upgrading your tachikoma wears off things get repetitive with a quickness.
  • That’s not to say it isn’t challenging since it becomes FK you hard later on.
  • One interesting feature is being able to invite your mates to help you sort some levels but as we found out the other night that can be a little hit-or-miss.
  • Speaking of multiplayer… yeah, it’s a ghost town.
  • Our online adventure made up 3/4ths of the playerbase.
  • When I say 3/4 I mean there were four people online and we were three of them.


  • They’ve certainly upped the difficulty since the last time
  • I still think tower defense games are boring, and this one probably won’t change your mind
  • I think they imply that Michael Jackson is jewish in this


  • There’s been a lot of work put into this game.
  • It’s very clearly a work of love… just not mine
  • It takes a special kind of sauce to get me interested in a tower defense game, nowadays.
  • And, unfortunately, it’s not the case with this game.
  • It’s mediocre.
  • It has a few issues, it has a few things it does well, but neither are worthy bothering your parents with actual physical mail.
  • Remember last week when I said Bound by Flame was the kind of mediocre I enjoyed?
  • McDroid is the other kind.




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