Terminal Hero: Linux Society’s Response To Guitar Hero

Fellow Redditor ciembor posted the following in the /r/linux subreddit.

Some time ago I had to write a small academic project in Perl. I wrote this and it’s so cool that I feel I should share it with you:).



Today I published PKGBUILD for ArchLinux, but it would be nice to write build scripts for other distros like Debian/Ubuntu or Gentoo. Contribution is welcomed;).

Have a fun!

This game is written in Perl language, so it depends on Perl interpreter. It also needslibtermkey and some extra Perl modules:

  • Term::ReadKey
  • Term::TermKey
  • POE
  • POE::Wheel::TermKey

If you don’t know how to install Perl modules, look at How to install CPAN modules. If you have problems with installation of Term::TermKey, make sure that libtermkey is available in your operating system. If not – Installing Term::TermKey returns error should help you.

Website: ciemborowicz.pl/terminalhero/
Download: github.com/ciembor/TerminalHero


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