Spectraball: Platforming, Puzzle Solving, Rage-Inducing

I originally recorded a voice-over for the above video. Thing is, I went a bit off the rails after failing beyond fail. That said, have a look at the fantastic rage-inducing platformer Spectraball. Available in the Steam store for $4.99.

Spectraball combines elements of platforming, puzzle solving, addictive gameplay, and stunning visuals to deliver an experience that sets a new standard for the genre. In addition, Spectraball utilizes Steamworks, offering full support for achievements and stat tracking.

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  • Roll, jump, and launch your way through several diverse and detailed environments
  • Addictive, fast-paced gameplay
  • Online leaderboards (see how you rank against players around the world!)
  • Achievement system
  • Unlock new abilities, maps, mini-games and skins
  • Enjoy free content updates that include new maps, abilities, mini-games, zones and achievements
  • Engage in some quick fun with a variety of mini-games
  • Xbox 360 and standard controller support
  • Included Map Editor with online sharing (make your own maps and share them with friends!)

Website: store.steampowered.com

  1. Ha, you’re even worse a this than me, I didn’t think this was possible ;).
    Well, I gave up two levels later (I think, the volvanic one) after a qaudrilion failed attempts to get to the third platform. Going to try it againg later because it’s still addictive somehow…

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